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Travel alert worries border business, Houston Chronicle, 2/19/18

Flood Control Bond Could Prove Tough Sell For Harris County Voters, Survey Says, Houston Public Media, 2/12/18

Survey: Residents wants improvements post-Harvey, but not a tax increase, Khou, 2/12/18

Hobby School study gathers new data on impact of Harvey, The Cougar, 2/12/18

UH Studys shows Hurricane Harvey's effect on Houston, Click 2 Houston, 2/12/18

After Harvey, slight majority still opposes more taxes fir flood control projects, survey says, Houston Chronicle, 2/12/18

Facebook helps users register to vote, The Cougar, 2/7/18

Running for governor, Andrew White steps back into his father's shadow, My Statesmen, 2/1/18

Consider the tradeoffs when raising minimum wage, Houston Chronicle, 1/10/18


To save the American dream in Texas, focus on providing opportunity, TribTalk, 12/7/17

Survey Aims to  Track Long-Term, Human Effect of Harvey, Houston Matters, 11/29/17

Newly launched study will survey effects of Harvey, The Cougar, 11/20/17

University of Houston study to track Harvey's impact on people, CW39 NewsFix, 11/20/17

Is Harvey recovery changing the way Texas defines fiscal responsibility?, The Christian Science Monitor, 10/11/17

Analysis: How do they cheat thee? Count the ways, The Texas Tribune, 10/6/17

Partisan redistricting in Texas: How much is too much?, TribTalk, 8/23/17

Federal court orders Texas to redraw its congressional district lines, The Washington Times, 8/23/17

Should economics be left to professors? Professor Jim Granato, University of Houston, PolyPsych, 8/16/17

To protect pension plan, Turner now unlikely to put rev cap repeal on ballot, Houston Chronicle, 7/5/17

Fort Bend continues growing, Houston Chronicle, 6/28/17

Fort Bend County population to increase by 2.1 million, UH study finds, Houston Chronicle, 6/23/17

Tempers flare at City Council during public testimony on SB4, Houston Chronicle, 6/20/17

More Democrats see voter fraud as a problem and ID laws as a solution, The Washington Times, 5/29/17

Pension fixed passed, mayor turns to revenue cap, bond referendums, Houston Chronicle, 5/26/17

Is Houston more conservative than we thought?, Houston Chronicle, 5/15/17

In Texas, almost all non-voters have a photo ID — but few understand the voter identification rules, The Washington Post, 5/8/17

Texas sues Perry over unused waste site, The Washington Times, 5/3/17

Texas Voter ID Confusion, and Interpreting Statistics, KUHF's Houston Matters, 4/17/17

It's not the lack of an ID but the 'uninformed and misinformed state of the Texas non-voting electorate' that tamps down turnout, My Statesman, 4/11/17

For the Second Time, Judge Rules Texas Voter ID Law Intentionally Discriminates, Texas Standards, 4/11/17

Study: Texas voter education campaign failed to prevent ID confusion, The Texas Tribune, 4/11/17

Cross, Granato, Jones: State should focus on voter education, Houston Chronicle, 4/7/17

Texas: Cruz draws first challenger, Southern Political Report, 4/3/17

Texas attorney general backs up Trump claim of noncitizens voting at polls, The Washington Times, 3/14/17

Texas AG: Trump will return states' powers, The Washington Times, 3/8/17

There's more to 'saving' jobs than stopping companies from leaving the country, Houston Chronicle, 2/18/17

Sex Trafficking Across Texas and Political Roundup, KUHF's Houston Matters, 2/15/17

Trump's new cabinet is a barrel of contradictions Houston Chronicle, 1/19/17


From Voting Rights to Voting Wrongs, New York Times, 10/8/16

Gonzalez, Hickman differ over reforms needed at HCSO, Houston Chronicle, 10/7/16

Clinton Leads Trump By 10 Points In Harris County, Hobby School Poll Finds, Houston Public Media, 9/22/16

UH Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 10 in Harris County, Houston Chronicle, 9/22/16

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in Harris County poll, KPRC, 9/22/16

UH Poll: Clinton by 9 in Harris Co., TXElects, 9/22/16

Stricter Rules for Voter IDs Reshape Races, New York Times, 5/1/16

Hillary Clinton likely to promote Obama-style climate, energy policies if nominated, American Energy News, 3/9/16

Que pasa ahora con TX-29 tras victoria de Green sobre Garcia?, La Voz, 3/2/16

Que tipo de representatcion en el Congreso elegiran los latinos en el Distrito 29 de Houston?, La Voz, 3/1/16

Here’s how much the Super Bowl could bring Houston, Houston Business Journal, 2/18/16




Houston Newsmakers, KPRC, 12/6/15

Some Proof of Texas Voter Suppression, San Antonio Express-News, 8/15/15

Researchers: Voter ID confusion may have turned election, Weatherford Democrat, 8/13/15

Some Say Ruling on Texas Voter ID Law May have Implications for Kansas, The Witchita Eagle, 8/9/15

Report Finds Confusion over Voter ID Law Kept People from the Polls, Too, Houston Press, 8/7/15

Report Finds Confusion over Voter ID Law Kept People from the Polls, Too, Houston Press, 8/7/15

Controversial Texas Voter ID Law Kept Registered Voters with Proper ID from Voting, Study Shows, Houston Chronicle, 8/7/15

Controversial Texas Voter ID Law Kept Registered Voters with Proper ID from Voting, Study Shows, Houston Chronicle, 8/7/15

Texas Voter ID Law Held Down Turnout In Key 2014 Congressional Race, Houston Public Media, 8/6/15

Election Day Bridge, Houston Chronicle, 8/6/15

Study: Law Discouraged More Than Those Without Voter ID, Texas Tribune, 8/6/15

Texas ID Requirement Kept Voters from Polls Says Study,, 8/6/15

El Voto Latino se Convierte en un Trofeo en la Batalla por la Alcaldía de Houston, La Voz, 7/18/15

Lawmakers Should Reject Spending-Cap Gimmicks, Houston Chronicle, 4/23/15

Council Hears Survey Results, Continues Church Talks,, 3/23/15




Odds Favor Kolkhorst in Race for Hegar's Seat, Texas Tribune, 11/25/14

Elecciones 2014: El Voto Femenino es el Poder de la Union, La Voz, 10/17/14

Home Foreclosures and Financial Literacy, KUHF, 2/26/14