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As a community service project, the Hobby Center for Public Policy is proud to sponsor a pet food drive for Barrio Dogs, Inc.  They are a growing, grassroots, non-profit organization based in Houston with an emphasis on education and in raising awareness on proper animal care in the low income communities.



HCPP's 2013 Pet Food Drive Spokesdog Charlie and Spokescat Delano

Currently, Barrio Dogs is spending nearly all its available budget on veterinary and boarding costs, leaving only a portion of funds available for the educational programs at the heart of Barrio Dogs' mission.  Please help by donating pet food from September 13 - October 11.  HCPP will empty pet food donation drop boxes each Friday from the following locations on campus:

  • McElhinney Hall, 1st Floor
  • CLASS Dean's Office, 402 Agnes Arnold
  • Bauer College of Business Dean's Office, 350 Melcher Hall
  • Heyne Building, entrance area (below HCPP bulletin board)
  • Political Science Advising, 382, 384, 390 Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall
  • English Department, 205 Roy Cullen

Can't make it to campus to drop off a donation?  Please consider a direct contribution to Barrio Dogs.


Meet Damian


Damian was found roaming the streets in horrible shape by a caring realtor. Much to the horror of Barrio Dogs, they determined that Damian had owners. After much discussion, Damian was surrendered. On August 30th, he was taken to the vet and was found to be heartworm positive, had demodectic mange, and was severely underweight at just 51 pounds.

With lots of love and tender care, Damian no longer suffers from a skin condition or eye infections. He is being treated for heartworms, and will soon be neutered. Damian likes other dogs of all types, enjoys snuggling with people, and is very gentle. He has gained weight and has turned out to be a very happy dog. Damian is available for adoption.





Barrio Dogs offers adoption services for both cats and dogs.  Please visit their adoption page for more information.