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Policy and Procedures

Grievance Procedure:  Grievances with students, faculty or program director should be addressed as outlined by the UH grievance procedure.  The following is the order of progression for a grievance procedure:

  • UH DPD Director
  • HHP Department Chair
  • Dean of the College of Education
  • UH Associate Vice Provost for Academic Programs
  • UH Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Faculty Affairs
  • UH Executive Vice President and Provost  

Student grievances involving the DPD Director or Nutrition Faculty will be reviewed by the HHP Chair.

Assessment of Prior Learning:  The DPD does not grant credit for any prior learning or experience. 

Formal Assessment of Student Learning:  Students are evaluated throughout the program by a variety of methods (ie. Exams, case studies, presentations, projects etc).   Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in DPD coursework in order to obtain a Verification Statement of successful program completion.  The GPA requirement does not affect graduation from the university.

DPD retention and remediation:  The DPD follows the university guidelines for retention and remediation

Disciplinary/Termination Procedures:  See above policy

Graduation and DPD completion requirements:  The DPD follows the UH policies with regard to graduation and program completion requirements.  Post-Bac students are required to complete within three years or may be subject to curriculum changes as occur with changes revisions to the DPD degree plan.