HHP Directory

Dr. Demetrius Pearson

Associate Professor

Office Number: 104P GAR
Phone: 713-743-9849
Fax: 713-743-9860

Email: dpearson@uh.edu

Mailing Address:
3855 Holman St., Rm 104 Garrison
Houston, TX 77204-6015


Research Interests

Dr. Pearson’s research areas have focused on the Socio-cultural and Historical Aspects of Sport. Most recently he has conducted research and written about African American involvement in various sport forms, including North American Rodeo, as well as their depiction in contemporary sport films. He currently maintains a repository listing of American sport films from 1930 to 2013.

Recent Publications and Research Activity

(Partial Listing)

Fried, G. B., & Pearson, D. W. (1995). A primer on facility financing and defining some key terms. Sports Facility Law Reporter (Vol. 2, No. 1 & 2).

Haney, C. A., & Pearson, D. W. (1999). Rodeo injuries: An examination of risk factors. Journal of Sport Behavior, 22, 443-466.

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Pearson, D. W., & Haney, C. A. (1999). The rodeo cowboy: Cultural icon, athlete or entrepreneur? Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 23, 308-327.

Pearson, D. W., & Haney, C. A. (1999). The rodeo cowboy as an American icon: The perceived social and cultural significance. Journal of American Culture, 22(4), 17-21. *Published Spring 2001.

Pearson, D. W. (2001). The depiction and characterization of women in sport films. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 10(1), 103-124.

Pearson, D. W., Haney, C. A., Curtis, R. L., & Zhang, J. J. (2001). Social change and sport films: Shifts in content across cultural eras 1930-1998. International Sports Journal, 5(2), 136-152.

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Pearson, D. W. (2004). Shadow riders of the subterranean circuit: A descriptive account of Black rodeo in the Texas Gulf Coast region. The Journal of American Culture, 27(2), 190-198.

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Pearson, D. W. (in press). Cowboys of color: The perceived social and cultural significance of U2 Rodeo. In J. L. Conyers Jr. (Series Ed.), Africana studies: A Review of Social Science Research, Vol. 4.


B.A. in Physical Education at Lincoln University, 1975

M.A. in Education (College Student Development) at Case Western Reserve University, 1976

Ed.D. in Physical Education at University of Houston, 1990