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HHP Students Meet Their Sponsors from the McGowan Foundation.

HHP students Christiana Gentry and Brett Siders along with HHP Chair Dr. Layne recently met for lunch with Ms. Nora and Mr. John McGowan from the The D. Lynd and Terri K. McGowan Foundation. The foundation donated funds that enabled Christina and Brett to attend Edinburgh Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Fall 2012 semester. Below are some images from the luncheon.

McGowanMr. Brett Siders, Mr. John McGowan, Ms. Christiana Gentry and Ms. Nora McGowan

McGowanThe McGowans with Christiana Gentry, Brett Siders, Dr. Layne and McGowan Foundation treasurer Ms. Sheila McCarn

McGowan Dr. Layne with Mr. John McGowan.

McGowan Ms. Nora and Mr. John McGowan.

McGowan Dr. Layne with Christiana Gentry and Brett Siders