1. What is Adaptive Athletics?
    Adaptive Athletics is a student organization and sports club at the University of Houston that promotes opportunities for students with disabilities to become and remain active through Adaptive Sports.

  2. What type of sports does Adaptive Athletics offer?
    Adaptive Athletics at the University of Houston is a partner with TIRR and offers a twice a week; twice a month practice playing wheelchair rugby. Adaptive Athletics will be implementing more adaptive sports in the future such as wheelchair tennis, power soccer, and wheelchair basketball. 

  3. Is Adaptive Athletics a free organization to join?
    Yes! Adaptive Athletics is a free organization to join and is open to all University of Houston students.

  4. What events does Adaptive Athletics hold?
    Adaptive Athletics holds multiple events throughout the year; our most popular event is our annual Summer Wheelchair Rugby Camp.

  5. Can I volunteer with Adaptive Athletics?
    Yes! Adaptive Athletics welcomes volunteers for all events held and has independent study opportunities. 

  6. Can I donate to Adaptive Athletics?
    Yes! Adaptive Athletics welcomes monetary as well as in-kind donations.

  7. What is Wheelchair rugby?
    Wheelchair rugby also known as quad rugby is a team contact sport based on the fact that all players have disabilities that include some loss of function in at least three limbs.

  8. Who’s eligible to play wheelchair rugby?
    Anyone that would like to practice is welcome. Individuals with impairment in three or more limbs are eligible to compete.

  9. Is there a team at UH?
    Adaptive Athletics is partnering with the TIRR Texans Quad Rugby team. We are looking forward to having a USQRA registered wheelchair rugby team in the near future.