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Mission, Vision and Goals

Master of Athletic Training Program Mission & Vision Statement:

Consistent with the mission and vision statement of the University of Houston (UH), and the Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP), the Master of Athletic Training Program (MATP) will offer a nationally competitive Athletic Training Program that will give students opportunities for learning, inquiry, discovery and personal and professional growth in a real world setting that will prepare students both academically and clinically to enter the workforce as an Athletic Trainer and be successful contributors to the fields of athletic training and sports medicine. 

Master of Athletic Training Program Educational Goals:

The Master of Athletic Training Program will accomplish its mission and vision by having each student demonstrate competency in each of the following areas of study:

  1. Research in Athletic Training

  2. Emergency Management and Prevention of Injury

  3. Strength and Conditioning

  4. Therapeutic Modalities

  5. Administration

  6. Pharmacology

  7. Orthopedic Evaluation

  8. General Medical Conditions

  9. Nutrition

  10. Rehabilitation

  11. Psycho-social Intervention

  12. Clinical Proficiencies