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Degree Plan & Requirements

Degree Plans

Degree Plan for M.Ed. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Urban Fitness Programming

Degree Plan for M.Ed. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Motor Behavior



To obtain a Master of Education in Physical Education, students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours. These hours will be:

Education Core (total of 9 hours)

  • Historical/Cultural/Philosophical area (3 hours)

  • Human Growth/Learning area (3 hours)

  • Inquiry area (3 hours)

Foundation of Fitness Core (total of 6 hours)

Program Area Emphasis (minimum of 21 hours)

Depending on your emphasis a 3-hour course listed below is required.

  • Urban Fitness Programming: PEP 6301 Physiology of Exercise (3 hours)

  • Motor Behavior: PEP 7340 Motor Control (3 hours)

The remaining 18+ hours are selected in collaboration with the faculty advisor.

Note: At least 18 semester hours are to be in courses numbered 6000 or above. Upon approval from the faculty advisor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, students may take up to 2 upper-level undergraduate courses (3000 and 4000) that are relevant to their professional career development. The student must earn all semester hours within five years, from semester of admission, prior to the date of graduation.


Transfer students must complete at least 27 semester hours at the University of Houston after admission to the graduate degree program. Upon the recommendation of the faculty advisor, up to 9 semester hours in one semester or 6 semester hours across two semesters of transfer credit may be accepted before starting the Master of Education in Physical Education degree.


Additional prescribed courses are typically required for students seeking teacher certification, supervisor certification, or professional certification. Students seeking teacher certification in Texas should have a deficiency plan completed and filed by the Education Records Office, Room 160, Farish Hall, University of Houston, Houston TX 77204-5023. Students seeking certification by fitness-related societies (i.e., the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, American Council of Exercise, etc.) will need to visit their respective web-sites for further information on work-related experience (i.e., internship programs, etc.) and CPR/first certification, and other required coursework beyond the Master of Education in Physical Education degree. Students, in consultation with their faculty advisor, can complete some coursework at the Texas Medical Center under the University’s Inter-Institutional agreement.

Required Courses


  • Historical/Cultural/Philosophical Foundations (3 sh)

    • PEP 6321 – Sport in Contemporary Society

    • HLT 6323 – Cross Cultural Aspects of Hlt

    • CUST 6360 – Found of Educational Sociology

    • CUST 6370 – Cult Found of Amer Educ

  • Human Growth and Learning (3 sh)

    • PEP 6340 – Principles of Motor Learning

    • EPSY 6330 – Human Growth & Dev

    • EPSY 6340 – Principles of Human Learning

  • Inquiry (3 sh)

    • *PEP 6305 – Measurement in Health & PE

    • CUIN 6378 – Instructional Evaluation

    • EPSY 6300 – Intro to Educ & Psy Mea

    • EPSY 6310 – Intro to Educ Research


  • PEP 6306 – Gender and Cult Issues in Phys Activ and Fitness

  • PEP 7303 – Urban Fit: Program Dev & Implem

  • PEP 7312 – Physical Activity Across Lifespan

*Required course for the degree program. Can be used to fulfill semester hours in either the Education Core section on Inquiry (A) or fulfill semester hours in the Program Area Emphasis (C), not both.

(C) PROGRAM AREA EMPHASIS (21 semester hours)

    *PEP 6301 Physiology of Exercise
  • MOTOR BEHAVIOR (15 sh)
    *PEP 7340 Motor Control

* Required course for the program area emphasis. All others courses are taken in consultation with the faculty advisor.


A comprehensive examination is required for all students seeking the Master of Education in Physical Education degree. Upon approval by the student’s faculty advisor, the comprehensive examination may be taken at any time after eighteen hours of required coursework is completed. A student must be enrolled in coursework during the semester in which the examination is to be taken. The comprehensive examination is comprised of 4 questions. One question is derived from the material covered in the Education Core (PEP 6305), another question is derived from material covered in the Foundations of Fitness Core (7303 or 6397) and two questions are derived from the Program Area Emphasis in consultation with faculty advisor. The student must pass the comprehensive examination satisfactorily before the Master of Education in Physical Education degree is awarded.

Physical Education Graduate Courses (Partial Listing)

  • HPER 7323 - Program Planning & Proposal Writing in the Health Professions

  • PEP 6301 - Physiology of Exercise

  • PEP 6304 - The Biomechanics of Human Performance

  • PEP 6305 - Measurement in Health & Physical Education

  • PEP 6321 - Sport in Contemporary Society

  • PEP 6340 - Principles of Motor Learning

  • PEP 6355 - Promotional Strategies

  • PEP 6370 - Exercise Testing & Fitness Evaluation

  • PEP 7301 - Advanced Topics in Exercise Physiology

  • PEP 7302 - Advanced Topics in Motor & Sport Behavior

  • PEP 7304 - Advanced Measurement Topics in Exercise Science

  • PEP 7306 - Administration of Sport & Exercise Programs

  • PEP 7307 - Implementing Legal Strategies in Sport & Fitness

  • PEP 7308 – Sports Facility Administration

  • PEP 7309 – Sport Finance

  • PEP 7310 - Instructional Models in Physical Education & Health Education

  • PEP 7311 - Analysis of Teaching Physical Education

  • PEP 7340 - Motor Control

  • PEP 7342 - Motor Development

  • PEP 7370 - Research in Human Performance

  • PEP 6197;6297;6397 - Selected Topics in Phys. Education

  • PEP 6198;6298;6398 - Special Problems

  • PEP 7193;7293;7393 - Internship and Practicum

  • PEP 7197;7297;7397 - Advanced Selected Topics in Human Performance