Degree Plan for M.Ed. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Urban Fitness Programming

To obtain a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Physical Education, students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours and successfully complete the Master of Education Comprehensive Examination with a passing evaluation.  The program of study will be comprised of the following core areas and program area emphasis courses:
            Education Core (9 semester hours)
            Department Core (6 semester Hours)
            Program Emphasis Courses (21 semester hours)

*Students opting for a thesis option (instead of taking the M.Ed. Comprehensive Exam) will follow a similar program of study, but will be required to take two additional research oriented courses to facilitate their study. This option is only available to the traditional M.Ed. in PE student, not the online M.Ed. degree student.

Education Core (9 semester hours)
These courses must be taken in order to fulfill the Education Core component of the degree plan.

  1. Historical/Cultural/Philosophical area (3 sh)
    • PEP 6321 Sport in Contemporary Society*
    • HLT 6323 Cross Cultural Aspects of Health
    • CUST 6360 Foundations of Educational Sociology
    • CUST 6370 Cultural Foundations of American Education
  2. Human Growth/Learning area (3 sh)
    • PEP 6340 Principles of Motor Learning*
    • EPSY 6330 Human Growth and Development
    • EPSY 6340 Principles of Human Learning
  3. Inquiry area (3 sh)
    • PEP 6305 Measurement in Health and Physical Education*
    • CUIN 6378 Instructional Evaluation
    • EPSY 6300 Introduction to Educational and Psychological Measures
    • EPSY 6310 Introduction to Educational Research

* Course can be counted for semester hours under the program area emphasis for students seeking a M.Ed. in Physical Education degree, but student will need to take one of the other courses listed in the category to count for semester hours taken in that specific category listed.

Department Core (6 semester hours)
Two of the following three courses must be taken in order to fulfill the Department Core component of the degree plan.

  • PEP 6306 - Gender & Cult Issue in Pa &Fit
  • PEP 7303 Urban Fitness Program Development and Implementation
  • PEP 7312 Physical Activity Across the Lifespan

Program Emphasis Courses (21 semester hours)
The courses listed below can fulfill the Program Emphasis component of the degree plan taken in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor.  Other courses outside of HHP (e.g., Business, Biology, Social Work, etc.) may be added to the program as designated by the student’s advisor.

Semester Offered (Subject to change)
PEP 6301 Physiology of Exercise  Every Fall, online 
PEP 6305 Measurement Every Fall, online
PEP 6306 Gender Cult Issues Every Fall, online
PEP 7303 Urban Fitness Programming Every Spring, online
PEP 7312 Phys Act across Lifespan Every Fall, online
PEP 6397 Childhood Obesity Every Summer, traditional
PEP 6397 Pub Hlth, Pol Obes Envt Every other Spring, traditional
PEP 6350 Sport Psychology TBD
PEP 7313 Exercise Epidemiology TBD
PEP 6397 Youth Sports TBD

*Additional research technique courses for a thesis option are available on this webpage (click here for more information on courses required for the M.Ed. Thesis-Based Option)