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Ph.D. Recipients

The HHP department has awarded 32 Ph.D.'s since 2001, below is a list of all Ph.D. recipients since 2001, their advisors and their dissertation titles.


  • Stuart Matthew Clark Lee, “Skeletal Muscle Growth Factor Response To Cutaneous Stimulation Of The Plantar Surface Of The Foot".
    Advisor: Mark Clarke


  • John Austin Bigley, "NK-cells and Exercise: Potential Implications for Cancer Immunotherapy".
    Advisor: Richard Simpson

  • Marius A. Dettmer, "Vibration Of The Foot Sole As An Intervention To Improve Older Adults’ Postural Stability".
    Advisor: Charles Layne

  • Emily Claire-Pyle LaVoy, “The Effect Of An Acute Bout Of Exercise On The Generation Of Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells And On The Expansion Of Tumor-Associated-Antigen Specific T-Cells From Healthy Adults”.
    Advisor: Richard Simpson


  • Heather Adamus-Leach, "The Influence of Neighborhood Environment on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in African-American Women”
    Advisor: Rebecca Lee


  • Whitney Breslin, "Systemic Inflammation and Obesity-Related Disease Risk Factors In Mexican-American Children"
    Advisor: Brian McFarlin
  • Katie Carpenter, "Effects of the Consumption of a High-Fat Meal on Consectutive Days on Immune Cells and Inflammatory Biomarkers"
    Advisor: Brian McFarlin
  • Vladimir Ivkovic, "Effects of Tactile Cueing on Functional Movement Modulation in Parkinson’s Disease"
    Advisor: William Paloski
  • Amir Pourmoghaddam, "SYNERGOS: An Index for Quantifying Multiple Muscle Activation"
    Advisor: Charles Layne
  • Meghan Everett, "Characterization of Muscle Blood Flow and Cardiovascular Response during Traditional Resistance or Low Load Blood Flow Restricted Resistance Exercise: Acute Responses and Training Adaptations during Human Limb Suspension"
    Advisor: Daniel O'Connor


  • Mark Knoblauch, "Influence of Chronic Hypercholesterolemia on Myofiber Membrane Cholesterol and Mechanically-Induced Membrane Disruption"
    Advisors: Mark Clarke/Daniel O'Connor

  • Kelley Strohacker, "Acute Changes in Peripheral Blood Monocytes Following a High-Fat Meal With or Without Moderate-Intensity Cycling in Young Adults With Differing Levels of Body Fat"
    Advisor: Brian McFarlin


  • Kristen M. McAlexander, "Correspondence of Directly and Indirectly Measured Built Environment Attributes and Physical Activity Adoption Among African American and Hispanic or Latina Women"
    Advisor: Rebecca Lee
  • Augusto X. Rodriguez
    Advisor: Norma Olvera
  • Penny L. Wilson, "Relationship Between Dietary Habits and Binge Eating Symptoms in African American and Hispanic or Latina Women"
    Advisor: Rebecca Lee


  • Melissa M. Scott-Pandorf, "Locomotion Stability in Simulated Martian Gravity: Insights on the Effects of Added Weight and Load Location"
    Advisor: Max Kurz
  • Lindsay C. Edwards, "Neurophysiological responses to whole body vibration"
    Advisor: Charles Layne
  • Fred L. Miller III, "Defining exercise adherence and its determinants ; the TIGER study"
    Advisor: Daniel O'Connor/Andrew Jackson


  • Jeremy J. Houser, "Does Enhanced Somatosensory Input Influence Postural Sway?"
    Advisor: Charles Layne
  • Alexander T. Hutchison, "The Effect of Accupuncture on Natural Killer Cell Response to Exercise"
    Advisor: Brian McFarlin


  • Heidi Y. Perkins, "Achievement Goals and Fear of Failure as Predictors of Stage of Change for Physical Activity"
    Advisor: Dale Pease
  • Andrew F. Abercromby, "Neuromuscular and biodynamic responses to whole-body vibration training"
    Advisor: Charles Layne
  • Dean O. Culpepper, "Cortical Activity of Mood State Depressed Individuals While Viewing Slides From a Reversal Theory Perspective"
    Advisor: Dale Pease


  • Katharine E. Forth, "The neuromuscular responses to context-specific foot stimulation"
    Advisor: Charles Layne


  • Stephanie Jevas, "Burnout in Texas Division 4A and 5A High School Athletic Trainers From a Reversal Theory Perspective"
    Advisor: Dale Pease
  • Ryan K. Zapalac, "Construction and Validation of the Metamotivational Sport Indentification Scale (MSIS)"
    Advisor: Dale Pease
  • Daniel C. Hughes, "Physical Activity and Stress in Hispanic Breast Cancer Survivors"
    Advisor: Dale Pease/Mary Naus-Watters


  • Juan Gualberto Cremades Nogues, "Concurrent Validity and Reliability of Lower and Upper Alpha Activites as Measures of Imagery Ability"
    Advisor: Dale Pease
  • Jay T. Lee, "Factor Analysis of a Cross-Sectional Survey of Exercise Metamotivations Based on Reversal Theory Constructs"
    Advisor: Dale Pease


  • Mitzi Laughlin, "Effect of the Ace Gene and Physical Activity on the Risk of CHD and Left Ventricular Mass"
    Advisor: Andrew Jackson
  • Mary Francis Baxter, "Effect of dynamic foot pressure on neuromuscular activation"
    Advisor: Charles Layne
  • Daniel O'Connor, "A Comparison of Scaling Methods for Psychophysical Ratings of Acute Musculoskeletal Pain"
    Advisor: Andrew Jackson


  • Liette Marie Bellerive-Ocker, "Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Eating Attitudes Test"
    Advisor: James Zhang
  • Evangelia Delikanaki-Skaribas, "The Role of Sampling Duration on Basal Metabolic Rate Measurement Error"
    Advisor: Andrew Jackson