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Athlete Assessment Center

HHP's Athlete Assessment Center located in the Laboratory of Integrated Physiology provides various assessment services for athletes. Below are some of the assessment services provided by the center.

VO2MAX Testing ($100 - $150)

V02MAX TestingThe VO2max test is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for maximal aerobic capacity. We use the Cosmed Quark PFT metabolic cart, which is the industry leader in metabolic and calorimetry analyses. This test will accurately assess your aerobic potential through precise measurement of your body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Training prescription services including heart rate and workload training zones are also offered.

Blood Lactate Threshold Testing ($189 - $270)

The blood lactate threshold is the best physiological indicator of endurance performance. This test requires the collection of capillary blood samples to measure lactate concentration during graded exercise. We use the Analox GM7 Analyzer, which is second to none for accurate blood lactate determination. This test will provide the athlete with exact information for a coach to establish precise training plans for top performance. Training prescription services including heart rate and workload training zones that correspond with the blood lactate threshold and concurrent respiratory gases/blood lactate measurements are also offered.

Body Fat Assessment ($50-150)

Body Fat Assessment

We offer body fat assessment through two different methods. The dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan is the industry GOLD standard and most precise measure available. Our cheaper option is the BodPod, which relies on air displacement technology. This is still a very accurate measure and widely used in competitive sports. The UH athletic department is currently using the BodPod for body fat assessment.

Resting Metabolic Rate ($50)

Resting Metabolic Rate

This test will let the athlete know exactly how much energy the body requires at rest. This information will be most useful when designing a nutritional plan and to help reach/maintain optimal body weight.

Nutrition Assessment ($100-$150)

Nutrition Assessment

This consultation with one of our Registered Dieticians (RD) will provide the athlete with a detailed analysis of their diet and recommendations to achieve top performance.

Swimming Analysis ($100)

This analysis will be offered through the Houston Swim Club. A complete analysis of stroke mechanics through video will provide real-time feedback during a one hour coaching session.

Ventilatory Threshold Testing ($100 - $150)

The ventilatory threshold (VT) is a non-invasive ‘bloodless’ surrogate measure of the lactate threshold. The VT is an excellent indicator of endurance performance and allows for accurate training zones to be established. VO2peak can also be determined from this test. Training prescription services including heart rate and workload training zones are also offered.

Assessment packages and special rates are offered for multiple and repeat testing. Other tests are available upon request including maximal steady state, running economy, critical cycling power, team sport specific tests and more.

Contact Information

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