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UH study will create real estate database Houston Business Journal, 12/8/08

Houston Real Estate Market Shows Stability The Daily Cougar, 12/5/08

Hobby Center for Public Policy At UH To Study Houston Housing Market, Foreclosures Media Release, 11/21/08

Economist Sees a Harder Ride as Houston Loses "Energy Cushion" Houston Chronicle, 11/14/08

Barton Smith Symposium Addresses Economy Driven by Fear and the Unknown UH News, 11/13/08

Lingering Effects of Sub-Prime Mortage Market Collapse Focus of Upcoming Symposium Presented by UH’s Barton Smith UH News, 11/10/08

Harris County Democrats boosted by Obama win The Associated Press, 11/5/08

New Day Dawning for Dems Houston Chronicle, 11/5/08

What Else Makes This Campaign Unique: Election holds some rarities that go beyond race and gender Houston Chronicle, 11/2/08

Top Ticket Holds Down-Ballot Answers: Democrats say this is their year in Harris County; GOP says not yet Houston Chronicle, 11/1/08

Democrats in Houston Take Aim at GOP Judges The Wall Street Journal, 11/1/08

Dr. Granato and Other Faculty Researchers Discuss the Obama Election Graffit-e, November 2008

10 things to know about polls Houston Chronicle, 10/28/08

GOP Incumbent Radack Seems Secure In His Spot: But changing demographics could make results close, experts says Houston Chronicle, 10/27/08

Early voters relish chance to make history at the polls Houston Chronicle, 10/24/08

For more, a vote along party line is just the ticket Houston Chronicle, 10/22/08

Dr. Granato on Public Policy and the Current Financial Crisis Garffit-e, October 2008

Mincberg ads slam disaster response Houston Chronicle, 9/26/08

Ike has thrown out the typical politics Houston Chronicle, 9/21/08

Rumor confirmed: City tops in adding jobs Houston Business Journal, 9/12/08

Mixed Review (CPP Taser Study) Houston Chronicle, 9/8/08

CAMPAIGN 2008 Houston Chronicle, 9/5/08

Survey Says: UH To Review Demographics of Texas Lottery Players Media Release, 8/27/08

UH Apparel Task Force Final Report UH Today News, 7/2/08

Public Policy Center Examines Taser Use UH Newsbriefs, June 2008

Smith's Prediction: National Slowdown To Spread To Houston UH Today News, June 2008

UH professor Richard Murray honored with scholarship fund Houston Chronicle, 6/9/08

Sneak Peek at City Taser Study KRTK, 6/6/08

Political Science Seniors Intern on Capitol Hill New Horizons, UH Downtown, Spring 2008

Broadened Internships Continue Leland's Legacy Houston Alumline, Spring 2008

Political Savvy Helps Students UH news, Spring 2008

Foreclosures may trouble area through mid-2009 Houston Chronicle, 5/8/08

Can Houston’s Real Estate Market Weather the National Storm? UH News, 5/5/08

Democrats and Demographics: A Cautionary Note for Texas Democrats. US, 5/1/08

Abandoned Homes Reflect a Crisis Houston Chronicle, 4/25/08

More are Willing to Spend $1 Million on a Houston Home Houston Chronicle, 4/14/08

Scholarship named in professor's honor The Daily Cougar, 4/14/08

UH’s Murray Honored For 40 Years of Insight and Mentoring UH News, 4/7/08

Dinner Party Dishes Out Praise, Humor Houston Chronicle, 4/14/08

Texas Politics: UH's Murray Honored For 40 Years of Insight and Mentoring Media Release, 4/7/08

Privatization of Texas lottery may get 2nd look in 2009 Star-Telegram, 4/7/08

Experts Gather at UH to Study the Face of Public Policy Issues UH Today, 3/20/08

UH Student group to Protest Use of "Sweatshop Labor" at March 31 Rally UH Today, 3/19/08

Task Force Created to Study Apparel Issues at University of Houston UH News, 3/11/08

Harris County voters boot 3 incumbent lawmakers Houston Chronicle, 3/5/08

Texas on Pace for Record Voter Turnout New York Times, 2/29/08

Texas Lottery Continues to Lose Players But Those Players Spend More Texas Politics, 1/16/08