Spring 2007 CHIP Interns

Spring 2007 CHIP Interns

Council Member Jarvis Johnson meets with the spring 2007 CHIP interns at City Hall.

Offices of Elected Officials

Daria Awusah | Congressman Al Green

Asif Maredia (UH-D) | Congressman Nick Lampson

Dee Buitron (UH-D) | Senator Mario Gallegos

Magaly Maldonado | Senator Mario Gallegos

Chinedu Obichuku | Representative Garnet Coleman

Jessica Martinez | Representative Rick Noriega

Ashley Robbins | Commissioner El Franco Lee

Stephanie Lacombe (UH-D) | Mayor White's Office of Boards & Commissions

Brad McCool (UH-D) | Mayor White's Office of Boards & Commissions

Indra Medina | Mayor White's Education Office

William Nachefshi (UH-D) | Mayor White's Office of Governmental Affairs

Zachary Lee | Mayor White's Office of International Affairs

Adil Saleem | Mayor White's Office of International Affairs

Stephen Bjune | Mayor White's Office for Volunteer Initiatives

Loretta Asevedo (UH-D) | Council Member Carol Alvarado

Christian Montano (UH-D) | Council Member Carol Alvarado

Jaye Moreau | Council Member Carol Alvarado

Rachel Coolidge | Council Member Michael Berry

Lovita Graham (UH-D) | Council Member Michael Berry

Aleks Mraovic | Council Member Michael Berry

Joseph Schtulmann (UH-D) | Council Member Michael Berry

Jun Arcilla | Council Member Peter Brown

Christy Dockery | Council Member Peter Brown

Anisah Adam (UH-D) | Council Member Ada Edwards

Precious Bale | Council Member Ada Edwards

Nikaria McCray (UH-D) | Council Member Ada Edwards

Edgar Perez (UH-D) | Council Member Adrian Garcia

Gloria Reisman (UH-D) | Council Member Adrian Garcia

Amora McDaniel | Council Member Ronald Green

Hannah Christian | Council Member Pam Holm

Zahid Hossain (UH-D) | Council Member M.J. Khan

Simon Lai | Council Member M.J. Khan

Shaun Stacey | Council Member Sue Lovell

Patrick Warren | Council Member Sue Lovell

Government, Community Service & Politics

Carla Thomas (UH-D) | Child Advocates of Fort Bend County

Sandra Milla (UH-D) | Fonville Middle School

Holly Beeman | Harris County Archives

Lucia Guillory | Harris County Psychiatric Center

Kristopher Clancy | Israeli Consulate

Kamran Ahmed | Legacy Community Health Services

Lydia Clay | Lone Star Strategies

Joanne Song | Outreach Strategists

Kristin Young | Outreach Strategists

Omar Enriquez (UH-D) | Mexican Consulate

Jerry Kovaly (UH-D) | Roger Bridgewater for Judge Campaign

Minh Thach | University of Houston Center for Public Policy