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Animals in Low-Income Communities Houston PetTalk Magazine, 12/2011

Economist: Houston is a Teflon City KUHF, 11/14/11

Economist says 62,000 area jobs to be added next year Chronicle, 11/8/11

Institute for Regional Forecasting Looks at Houston’s Bumper Car Economics Media Release, 5/24/11

High-end properties sell well - if the price is right Chronicle, 4/4/11

Political Power Drying Up in West Texas: As population fades, rural areas fear they’ll no longer have a voice Chronicle, 4/18/11

Steady is the Story. Values Hold their Ground, but Buyers are Cautious Chronicle, 4/10/11

Voter ID, ¿Afectará el Voto Hispano? Chronicle's La Voz, 3/31/11

Former lieutenant governor rightly calls for limiting cuts in balancing state budget Houston Chronicle, 2/5/11

Creating two new Houston City Council seats poses demographic challenges Houston Chronicle, 1/25/11

Obama catching a midterm rebound Houston Chronicle, 1/24/11

KPRC Local 2 Coverage of the Texas Lottery (UH study mentioned) KPRC Houston, 01/05/11 [VLC Media File]

Fox 26 News Coverage of Texas Lottery (UH study mentioned) KRIV Houston, 01/04/11 [VLC Media File]

Fewer Want to Play: UH Study Finds Decline In Texas Lottery Participation Media Release, 01/04/11