Fellowships in Human Rights

2015 Fellowships: Call for Applications


In conjunction with Oxford University’s Center for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict, in March 2014, three students traveled to the UK for a week long, intensive seminar in International Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid, and Peace.  Students met with scholars and activists from Oxford, The United Nations, The International Red Cross, and other humanitarian aid organizations to get first-hand insight into the realities of war in the 21st century, the field of humanitarian aid work, and the possibilities and methods for peace and conflict resolution.

Cassie Gianni, 4th year Economics major, with a career goal of becoming a U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officer, describes the experience thusly:

“Immersed in the history and knowledge of Oxford University, we came together as an ambitious, diverse, and caring group of students from all around the United States. After a series of challenging and insightful readings, I felt prepared to open my mind and my heart to a week of intensive learning about human rights, humanitarian aid, and my own productive role and positive contribution now and in the future. Guided by a charismatic and expert professor, we analyzed moral claims, groundbreaking documents and critical cases of conflict. We were also honored with visits by guest speakers from key organizations who discussed global issues, organizational impact, and personal reflections about their work. At the end of the week, I returned home enriched by new friendship, knowledge, networks, vision and drive to make a meaningful impact on human rights and humanitarian aid as a future leader of our world.”

For more information on future fellowships: contact Dr. Johanna Luttrell at jluttre2@central.uh.edu.

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