About the book:

The Right Hemisphere and Disorders of Cognition and Communication: Theory and Clinical Practice is the first book in nearly 20 years to provide a comprehensive review of right hemisphere cognitive and communication functions for practicing clinicians and graduate students. It also serves to broaden the understanding of right hemisphere disorders (RHD) within the field of speech-language pathology. Strokes on the right side of the brain occur nearly as often as those on the left and cognitive-communication disorders due to right hemisphere brain damage occur nearly as often as do language disorders from left sided strokes. Unfortunately, the right-sided strokes receive much less attention. The deficits vary widely, but can affect pragmatics, language production and comprehension, attention, and executive function. This text covers normal right hemisphere processes as well as the communication disorders and deficits apparent after RHD. Evidence based practice is comprehensively presented along with suggestions for developing treatment in the absence of evidence.

About the author:

Margaret Lehman Blake is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She received her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. Her research focuses on cognitive-communication disorders associated with right hemisphere strokes and mild traumatic brain injury and spans basic processes, assessment, and treatment. Dr. Blake teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including anatomy/physiology and neuroscience for communication, acquired cognitive-communication disorders, and how to be a critical consumer of research.