About the book:

This survey of methodology provides a framework for understanding Africana Studies. Correlating this book to research and writing in Africana Studies, helps to extend the perplexity, paradox, and parley of social science and humanistic research. This book attempts to answer, what is Africana Studies with reference to an interdisciplinary body of knowledge? Africana Studies is the global Pan-Africanist study of African phenomena interpreted from an Afrocentric perspective. Among those scholars who contribute to this interdisciplinary body of knowledge, perspective signals the commonality in the school of thought. This book offers general definitions and descriptions of the qualitative and quantitative research.

About the author:

James L. Conyers, Jr., Ph.D., is the Director of African American Studies Program and University Professor of African American Studies at the University of Houston. He is the founding editor of the serial: Africana Studies: A Review of Social Science Research at Transaction Publishers and also serves as the Series Editor of Africana Studies at Transaction Publishers.