About the book:

In the book “What a Difference a Meal Makes: The Last Supper in the Bible and in the Christian Church,” biblical scholar Christian Eberhart unpacks the words of institution of Christian communion services by explaining how first-century Christians would have understood "This is my body, this is my blood." Using a conversational style, Professor Eberhart makes his extensive scholarship accessible to a non-academic audience. Readers will find their own experience of communion deepened after reading this book.

About the author:

Dr. Christian A. Eberhart is Professor and Program Director of Religious Studies at the University of Houston; he is also Chair of the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies. He graduated from Harvard University and has a doctorate in Hebrew Bible studies from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) as well as a second doctorate in Early Christian literature from the University of Mainz (Germany).

Dr. Eberhart is the founder of the Annual Congress Section “Sacrifice, Cult, and Atonement” for the Society of Biblical Literature and the founder and convener of the international “Hebrews” research group for the Society of New Testament Studies. He has published various books in English and German, among them The Sacrifice of Jesus: Understanding Atonement Biblically (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2011), Ritual and Metaphor: Sacrifice in the Bible (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2011), and Kultmetaphorik und Christologie: Opfer- und Sühneterminologie im Neuen Testament (Tübingen: Mohr Sie¬beck, 2013).