M.A. in English and American Literature

Building on a record of excellence in the student's undergraduate preparation in literature, the M.A. student should work toward a mastery of the broad and diverse range of literatures in English. Further, the M.A. student should undertake studies in rhetoric and contemporary theoretical approaches to literary texts. The M.A. in literature constitutes solid preparation for expert secondary teaching, leadership in communications for business, education and arts organizations, and entrance into a Ph.D. program in literature.

Application Deadlines

Fall Admission: February 1
Spring Admission: November 1 

Texas Common Application Form

Minimum Requirements for Admission

  • B.A. in English or 12 upper division hours in English and American literature
  • 3.0 g.p.a. in undergraduate studies
  • One foreign language (Student can complete this requirement while in residence.)
  • GRE general test

Application Materials

Students should submit the following materials to the University of Houston’s Office of Admissions:

  • The online application
  • Academic transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended
  • The GRE general test score

The following materials should be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English:

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • The student’s statement of intent (1-2 pages)
  • A 10-15 page critical writing sample with bibliography

Requirements of the Degree

  • 36 hours of coursework
  • Foreign language

Distribution of Coursework

  • 3 hours of Bibliography and Research Methods
  • 3 hours of literary theory or rhetoric
  • 30 hours of literature, including (1) at least 9 hours in early British and American literature, (2) at least 9 hours in later British and American literature, and (3) 12 hours of elective courses in literature, linguistics, literary theory, rhetoric, or Master's Essay. Early British literature is defined as British literature before 1800 and early American literature is defined as American literature before 1865. Students must divide the required courses in early and later literature between British and American literature.