Where should I mail my application materials?

University of Houston
Creative Writing Program
229 Roy Cullen Building
Houston, TX 77204-3015

Can I send in some application materials separately or do they all have to be in one package?

You may send in items separately, however sending them all in the same package assures that they have all arrived in one piece.

Do the letters of recommendation have to be sent in by the recommender or am I supposed to send them with the rest of the application materials?

They may be sent to us directly from your recommenders or you may send them with the other application materials, whatever way is easier for you. If you send them, they must be in the original, sealed envelope from the recommender. Be sure that your name is printed legibly on the form and also in the letter.

Are any items judged more closely than others?

Yes, the statement of intent, manuscript and letters of recommendation are considered to be the determining factors, although the rest of the application materials are looked at and judged accordingly.

Is the GRE mandatory?

Yes, the GRE is mandatory in order to get admitted into the school. This is a requirement the University of Houston Graduate Admissions Office and will not be waived for any purposes.

I have not taken the GRE yet, but want to go ahead and submit my application. Is this OK?

Yes, but we must have a copy of the test scores before an offer of admission will be made.

I performed poorly on my GRE test. Should I still apply?

Yes, the GRE is mandatory to get into the program, but not the determining factor of acceptance. If your writing sample and letters are exceptional, the faculty will sometimes ask for a waiver of low scores. You may also retake the test if you wish.

Can the application fee be waived?

No, the fees are set by the Department and everyone applying to the program must pay that fee.

I took the GRE years ago and I no longer have the original test scores.

A photocopy of the GRE score report is acceptable for your application.

I am an international student and have not taken the TOEFL but have taken English classes, will that suffice?

No, the score on the TOEFL is a requirement.

I want to apply in more that one genre. Can I do that?

Yes, but you will have to complete an application and submit the application fee for each genre.

How long does the critical writing sample have to be?

A maximum of 20-25 pages of fiction or non-fiction or 10 pages of poetry. Fiction and non-fiction manuscripts should be double-spaced on numbered, single sided pages. Poetry manuscripts can be single-spaced and formatted as desired. Please don’t send manuscripts on computer disks.