Ange Mlinko

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Assistant Professor

  • Phone: (713) 743-2960
  • Email:
  • 227D Roy Cullen Building


  • M.F.A. (Creative Writing, Poetry) Brown University, Providence RI, 1998
  • B.A. (Philosophy and Mathematics) St. John’s College, Annapolis MD, 1991

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Selected Publications


  • SHOULDER SEASON, Coffee House Press, 2010
  • “Geographically Mediated First-Year Composition.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco, CA. March 13, 2009
  • HOTEL LAZULI (chapbook), Instance Press, 2010
  • STARRED WIRE, Coffee House Press, 2005
  • MATINEES, Zoland Books, 1999

Poems in Periodicals (Partial list)

Poems have appeared and/or are forthcoming in the following magazines (partial list): Agni, Black Clock, Boston Review, The Brooklyn Rail, The Chicago Review, Conjunctions, Colorado Review, Critical Quarterly (U.K.), Fulcrum, Grand Street, Jubilat, LIT, The London Review of Books, The Modern Review, The Nation, New American Writing, The New Yorker, Poetry, The Village Voice, and Zoland Poetry: The Annual.

Poems in Anthologies

  • “The Docent of Evening” (Starred Wire) was reprinted in 19 Lines: A Drawing Center Writing Anthology, edited by Lytle Shaw (The Drawing Center/Roof Books), 2007.
  • “Classical Music” (Starred Wire) was reprinted in Bowery Women: Poems edited by Bob Holman and Marjorie Tesser (New York: Bowery Arts & Sciences, Ltd.), 2006.
  • “Just Dump Me on the Palace Steps” (Matinees) was reprinted in Isn’t It Romantic: 100 Love Poems by Younger American Poets edited by Brett Fletcher Lauer & Aimee Kelley (Amherst: Verse Press), 2004.

Prose (Partial list)

  • Introduction to Up Above the World by Paul Bowles, Penguin UK, 2010.
  • The London Review of Books:
    • “If Only Analogues...” (review of A Blue Hand: The Beats in India by Deborah Baker), November 20, 2008
    • Review of the Collected Poems of Barbara Guest (forthcoming)
    • Review of The Verse Revolutionaries: Ezra Pound, HD and the Imagists by Helen Carr (forthcoming)
  • The Nation:
    • “The Dreamlife of Angels” (review of John Ashbery’s Notes from the Air), December 17, 2007
    • “A Nurse of Enchantment” (review of A Helen Adam Reader), April 14, 2008
    • “Loss Lieder,” April 8, 2008
    • “Lullabye” (review of Susan Stewart’s Red Rover), October 29, 2008
    • “Her Nature Was Future” (review of Brenda Wineapple’s White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson & Thomas Wentworth Higginson), November 19, 2008
    • “A Nameless Vocation: Fanny Howe’s The Winter Sun,” March 18, 2009
    • “Lingo: And Then Some,” April 14, 2009*
    • “Lingo: What Child Is This?,” March 17, 2009
    • “Lingo: Fopcorn,” June 16, 2009
    • “With Mercy for the Greedy,” June 29, 2009
    • “Lingo: To Sleep, Perchance to Sleep + Think,” September 1, 2009
    • “Lingo: Linguistic Currency,” November 3, 2009
    • Review of The Poetry of Rilke translated by Edward Snow, November 24, 2009
    • "Lingo: Borrower's Remorse?" January 19, 2010
    • "Lingo: Superfluity and Bounty," March 23, 2010
    • Lingo: "Reading on the Brain," April 5, 1020
    • Review of A Mouth in California by Graham Foust, April 16, 2010
    • "Lingo: Prolixities Docked," May 27, 2010
    • Review of Other Flowers: Uncollected Poems by James Schuyler, May 7, 2010
    • "Lingo: The Everyday Oblique," June 22, 2010
    • *“Lingo” appears as an occasional column on language on the Nation website.

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