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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register online?
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    Returning students: you must have a Cougarnet account for authentication.

    New students: need your UH ID (7-digit number), Date of Birth, Gender, and Country of Citizenship information for identity verification.


  3. How long is the online registration period?
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    Registration opens one week before the Student Check-In day and ends the Thursday of Student Check-In week. Late registration must be done in person between 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on Friday of Student Check-In week. Any student register after the Student Check-In day will be charged a $50.00 late fee. There is no late registration for Summer II. See start and end date of upcoming terms.


  5. What is Student Check-In day?
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    Student Check-In day is the day that new students have to report to the Language and Culture Center. New students need to bring their immigration documents like I-20, Visa, Passport and other documents for verification.


  7. When do I need to report to the Language and Culture Center?
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    Returning students: if you do not need to take any test, then you can get your schedule online and show up on the first day of class. If you need to take the test, then bring your test ticket to take the test on testing day.

    New students: report to the Language and Culture Center on the Student Check-In day.


  9. When do I need to pay for my tuition and fees?
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    Sponsored students: We will bill your sponsor for your tuition and fees. If you do not have an updated Financial Guarantee letter, please bring us an updated Financial Guarantee letter as soon as possible.

    Regular students: The deadline for tuition and fees payment is the Student Check-In day.


  11. How do I pay for my tuition and fee?
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    Students can pay the tuition and fee in room 104 at the Welcome Center or students can pay online by logging into the PeopleSoft system. For login help and payment instructions, please see the PeopleSoft help section


  13. Can I waive my medical insurance?
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    Please see question 11 of the LCC FAQ.