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Student Activities

The LCC program includes more than just classroom study. You will have many opportunities to mix informally with other LCC students, the LCC staff, and American students.

Conversation Club
The LCC’s Conversation Club is a fun way for students to:

  • improve their conversational English skills,
  • talk to native English speakers,
  • learn new words,
  • become more confident speaking English,
  • make friends with University of Houston students and other LCC students,
  • learn about other cultures,
  • compare social, cultural, and academic life in different countries,
  • and get to know the University of Houston campus.

LCC students can participate in small group discussions led by University of Houston students and can go on campus excursions. Conversation Club is open to all currently enrolled LCC students.

Each term Conversation Club’s discussion topics are different, but popular topics from previous terms have included holidays, academic success, body language, relationships, popular culture, campus life, food, art, and culture. In the past, Conversation Club members have enjoyed socials at the University Center, campus tours, playing sports at the gym, musical performances and plays, lunch at on campus dining facilities, tours of art exhibits, UH sporting events, and volunteering together.

Learn more about the Conversation Club from this fun video!

The Language and Culture Center’s Conversation Club provides UH students serving as Guides the opportunity to work with LCC students from around the globe, learn about other cultures, and gain experience leading small conversation groups and excursions for English language learners on the UH Campus. 

For UH students, learn more information about working as a Conversation Club Guide.

Other activities at the University of Houston include: