Faculty and Staff

Honors and Awards

Joy Tesh Continues Service on UCIEP Board of Directors

Joy Tesh, Director of the Language and Culture Center, after serving as President of the Board of Directors of UCIEP (University and College Intensive English Programs), remains on the Board as Past President. For more information concerning UCIEP, visit the website:  http://www.uciep.org

Adam Chen Chairs Houston Forum

Adam Chen, Program Director of Counseling and Student Services at the Language and Culture Center, is serving as Chair for the Houston Forum of Advisors of Internationals (Houston Forum) for the 2014-2015 term.  For more information about the Houston Forum, please visit their website at https://sites.google.com/site/houstonforumisss/home

Teachers to Present at International and Local Conferences


Sandra Carrettin-Mulvany and Barbara Kennedy at SIETAR Conference

  • SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)

Orlando, Florida (October 14-17, 2015)

Barbara Kennedy and Sandra Carrettin-Mulvany

Plant Seeds, Reap Trust: Cultivating Inter-Cultural Collaboration in ESL Classrooms

  • MexTESOL

Cancun, Mexico (November 5-8, 2015)

o Katey Porter and Barbara Kennedy

Breaking Through the Silence: Effective Oral Presentation Instruction

o Vincent Tran and Barbara Kennedy

Fun and Free Icebreakers

  • TexTESOL

San Antonio, Texas (October 22-24, 2015)

o Farideh Nekoobahr and Duygu Uslu-Ok

Motivation and Future Selves in ESL Scholarship Recipients

o Farideh Nekoobahr

Transitioning Students from ESL to Academic Courses Through Modeling

o Jenifer Edens

Reading Test Resuscitation


University of Houston, Houston, Texas (November 7, 2015)

o Jenifer Edens

Reading Test Resuscitation.

o Thong Dang

When the Books Are Long and the Time Is Short

o Hope Kovalevskaya

Building Roads in ESL Classrooms