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Tuition, Fees & Refund Policy

Tuition and fees per term - Intensive English Program*

Fall 2016

(14 Weeks)

Spring 2017

(14 weeks)

Summer 2017

(13 weeks)

Summer II 2017

(7 weeks)

LCC Program Tuition $3,150 $3,150 $3,150 $1575
LCC Program Fees $150
$150 $150 $75
LCC Student Health Insurance Fee $645 $586 $586 $405
Mandatory University Fees $527 $527 $527 $268
Total $4,472 $4,413 $4,413 $2,323

*All fees listed above are mandatory. All costs are subject to change without notice.

Other Costs and Fees

   Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Summer II 2017
LCC Application Fee (non-refundable)   $100 $100 $100 $100
Express Mail Fee $75 $75 $75 $75
Book and Supplies (estimated cost) $300 $300 $300 $300
Late Registration Fee  $50 $50 $50 N/A

Check the course start and end dates for Student Check-In and graduation in upcoming terms.

Methods of Payment

All students are expected to pay all tuition and fees on the day of Student Check-In.

Please pay with cash, traveler's checks, a cashier's check, a personal check drawn on a United States bank, or a credit card (Master Card, American Express, Visa or Discover). A processing fee will be assessed for all credit card transactions. We do not accept cashier's checks or personal checks drawn on a foreign bank. Checks should be made payable to "University of Houston."

Payment instructions will be given during online registration.

Refund Policy

After registration for the Fall, Spring, or Summer terms, if a student withdraws from the Language and Culture Center for any reason, he or she is eligible for a refund according to the schedule below:

Time of Withdrawal Refund
Student Check-In Week 100%
1st week of classes 75%
2nd week of classes 50%
3rd week of classes No Refund

The application fee is nonrefundable.