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Principles of Economics Resources



All Economics majors typically take two courses as they begin their academic studies at the University of Houston: Microeconomics Principles (ECON 2304) and Macroeconomics Principles (ECON 2305). Both courses are commonly referred to as Principles of Economics in the department. This page offers resources for these large lecture courses.

Microeconomic Principles (ECON 2304)

At a glance, here's what's covered:

  • Basic microeconomic terms, concepts and methodology
  • Dealing with the fundamental question of economics: Allocating scarce resources
  • Market failures and externalities
  • Effects of government intervention
  • How to apply economic reasoning
  • Real-world policy issues such as tax system design, poverty, and discrimination

Macroeconomic Principles (ECON 2304)

At a glance, here's what's covered:

  • Basic macroeconomic terms, concepts and methodology
  • Macroeconomic variables including income level, employment, inflation and interest rates
  • The likelihood of various policy options improving economic growth and efficiency
  • Economic reasoning
  • Fiscal and monetary policy options
  • Real-world policy issues such as unemployment, inflation and international trade

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