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This listing is provided as a record of previously held events.



PhilPapers: A Platform for Digital Philosophy

David Bourget (Institute of Philosophy, University of London)

Monday,  Feb 25 at 4:00 pm. (104 Roy Cullen)

Abstract: PhilPapers is an index of the philosophical literature, as well as an open access archive, a crowd sourced bibliography, and a social network. In this talk I will offer an overview of the PhilPapers platform. I will explain its key features and how they contribute to the continued success of the site. I will explain in non-technical terms how these features and the processes that support them are implemented behind the scenes. I will also discuss the applicability of the PhilPapers model to other disciplines.
This event is sponsored in part by the El Paso Corporation Lecture Series and the Center for Public Histo

Fall 2012 Digital Humanities Lecture

The Promise and Perils of Doing History in the Digital Age

Andrew Torget (University of North Texas)

Friday, November 9, 2:30 pm | Room 104 Roy Cullen Building

Andrew J. Torget is a historian of nineteenth-century North America at the University of North Texas, where he directs the Digital History Lab. The founder and director of numerous digital humanities projects -- including Mapping Texts, Texas Slavery Project, Voting America, and the History Engine -- Andrew served as co-editor of the Valley of the Shadow project, and as the founding director of the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond. The co-editor of several books on the American Civil War, Andrew has been a featured speaker on the digital humanities at Harvard, Stanford, Rice, and the National Archives in Washington, D. C. In 2011, he was named the inaugural David J. Weber Research Fellow at the Clements Center for Southwest Studies at Southern Methodist University. He is currently completing a book titled Cotton Empire: Slavery, the Texas Borderlands, and the Origins of the U.S.-Mexico War.

The lecture is sponsored by the El Paso Lecture Series and the UH Center for Public History.



DH Tools: Introduction to Text Analysis

Friday, October 19: 1:00-3:00pm in Library classroom 10G.

This workshop introduces participants to word2word software which provides a variety of tools for computational text analysis.

During the workshop, we will perform hands-on semantic analysis on three data sets: 
1) a comparison between two academic reference works
2) a comparison of transcripts from speeches given at the Republican and Democratic national conventions
3) an analysis of a recent popular novel. 

The demonstrations will be followed by a free play session, and participants are encouraged bring texts of their own (plain text files, PDFs, or web pages) to explore.




Previously Discussed by the Reading Group:



Friday 9/7

Friday 10/5

  •  Johanna Drucker, "Humanistic Theory and Digital Scholarship" in Debates; [please note this essay is not available online]

Friday 11/2

  •  Stephen Ramsay and Geoffrey Rockwell, "Developing Things: Notes toward an Epistemology of Building in the Digital Humanities" in Debates [not available online]

Friday 2/1


Friday 3/1