CPH Research Colloquium - Oct. 6th

Dr. Martin Melosi: “The World Trade Center Disaster and Fresh Kills”

Friday, October 6th, Dr. Martin Melosi will present at the CPH Research Colloquium: "The World Trade Center Disaster and Fresh Kills.”

Dr. Melosi's talk will be in reference to his current book project, The Dilemma of Consumption, New Yorkers, Staten Island and Fresh Kills.

The presentation will focus on 9/11 and the closing of the Fresh Kills Landfill and on the role that the landfill played in accepting the debris and human remains from the WTC after 9/11. It also speaks to the way in which the landfill became a cemetery for the dead from 9/11 and the subsequent controversy around that event.   

 The CPH Research Colloquium meeting will take place from 1:30-3:00 pm in AH 549.

Please send RSVPs to Dr. Julie Cohn: jacohn@uh.edu

The CPH Research Colloquium (formerly the UH Energy, Urban, and Environmental Group) meets monthly, generally on the last Friday of each month, to discuss works in progress. Students, faculty, and outside scholars share current research in fields broadly related to the topics of history of energy, cities, environment, technology, science, and medicine. Examples from recent meetings include our current social and eviromental issues, policy and environmental legacy of the Santa Barbara oil spill, civil rights and medical citizenship in America, and Apollo moon landings and American culture in the 1970s. Each meeting includes time for announcements, a presentation of a current project - for example a paper to be published or a book chapter, and discussion. Meetings are friendly and informal and open to anyone interested in the topics addressed.