Reading Groups

There is a wealth of knowledge and research about the arts and best practice.  Though social media is a great aggregator, we are confronted with so many streams of information, many of us have little time to process, much less incorporate these new ideas into our daily lives.  The reading groups are quarterly gatherings that invite students, artists, arts professionals, community members and audience members to process timely articles on the arts.  Instead of focusing on books or novels, these reading groups focus on the conversations inspired by the readings.  

Prior to the Leadership in the Arts Summit, we created a list of readings and reference points for participants and interested parties.  These articles, questions and videos highlight some of the issues that were explored during The Leadership in the Arts Summit.

Leadership in the Arts Summit - Readings and Resources

We will begin the public gatherings around selected readings in Fall 2014. You can join the reading groups in one of three ways:

  • Join a place-based reading group at either Blaffer Museum or other designated spaces. 
  • Invite a group of 5-10 of your friends and commit to meeting quarterly to discuss the articles.  If this the direction you'd like to go, apply to be one of the supported reading groups.*
  • Read the articles and talk with your friends

*Supported Reading groups commit to sending a summary of the discussion to the Center.  There are a limited number of supported reading groups. If you are interested in applying to be a group leader for the supported reading groups, please contact Center Director Sixto Wagan.