Advisor Contact

Undergraduate Advisors

Main Campus

Orlando Zamora
Brandy Lerman, MEd
Bailey Sisler, MA
Ashley Beaudoin, Med

Phone: 713-743-2873
101 COM – Bldg 506

Undergraduate Advising Schedule – Main Campus

Monday, 8/31 – Friday, 9/4

Walk-In Advising
Mon – Thur

- 8:30 am - 11:00 am for first 10-15 students
- Sign-in list available at 8:00 am when COM 101 office opens
- If 3 students are waiting by 10:00 am, walk-in advising will close


- VA Certification available 8:30-11:30 & 1:00-4:00 on walk-in basis

Afternoon Appointments
Mon – Thur

- Available to schedule as of Friday, August 28th at 9:00 am
- Directions in last tab below – Afternoon Appointment Scheduling

Afternoon Appointment Scheduling

How It Works

- Scheduled by you through your myUH student account
   • Cannot schedule through Advisors or Front Desk Staff
- Only one week of appointments available to schedule at a time
- Appointments open for scheduling at 9:00 AM on the Friday before that week
- show in blue on Advisors’ calendars
   • Check all Advisors' calendars for other
   • Check for email confirmation before scheduling another appointment
   • No need to see same Advisor each time
- View your scheduled appointment:
   • UH Self Service > Advising > View My Appointments

Steps in PeopleSoft

Login via CougarNet or PeopleSoft > UH Self Service (gold icon) > Advising > Appointment With Advisor > Schedule Appointment with My Advisor > Select Advisor

Login via CougarNet or PeopleSoft > UH Self Service (gold icon) > Advising > Appointment With Advisor >
click tab for

Academic Career:  Select

Academic Program:   Select

Academic Major:   Select from drop-down menu as follows:

   Communication-Advertising, BA (Advertising)
   Comm-Org/Corp Comm, BA (Corporate Comm)
   Comm-Health Comm, BA (Health Comm)
   Integrated Communication, BA (Integrated Comm)
   Comm-Interper Comm, BA (Interpersonal Comm)
   Comm-Journalism, BA (Journalism)
   Comm-Media Prod, BA (Media Production)
   Comm-MP/Media Stds, BA (Media Studies)
   Comm-Public Relations, BA (Public Relations)

Click > Select Advisor


- Afternoon appointments are subject to cancellation if an Advisor must be out
- The office will do its best to notify you via email in a timely manner should a cancellation occur
- If you must cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment so another student may schedule it:
   • UH Self Service > Advising > View My Appointments > Cancel

Director of Graduate Studies

Dr. Jennifer Vardeman-Winter

Phone: 713-743-4294
142 COM – Bldg 506

Graduate Faculty Advisor

Professor Suzanne Buck

Phone: 713-743-2874
139 COM – Bldg 506