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Undergraduate Advisors

EMAIL is the preferred method of contact to reach your Academic Advisors. Please send your full name, PeopleSoft ID, and general question to The first available Advisor will provide the fastest reply possible. Please refrain from sending the same email individually to the Advisors. This slows down our response time. Please allow 24-48 hours (depending on severity of concern) for a response to your email before contacting the Advisors again. We appreciate your cooperation and will provide as fast of a quality response as possible.

Orlando Zamora
Michael Vidrine
Brandy Lerman
Bailey Sisler

Advising Office: 

Communications Building, Room 101
Phone: 713-743-2873
For updates on advising schedule

Graduate Faculty Advisor

Professor Suzanne Buck
Phone: 713-743-2874
138 COMM - Bldg 506

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