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Valenti Students Get Public to ‘Speak Up’ About Attitudes towards Muslim Immigration

July 27, 2017
by Jenna De Los Santos, student

Disagreement doesn’t equal hate.

This is the slogan that Me to We HTX stands by – and it is powerful.
Me to We HTX is a strategic campaign designed by a team of graduate students at the Valenti School of Communication.  Read more

Move over small talk: "Big Talk" series wraps up first semester

November 30, 2016
by Elena Espitia, student

On July 5, 2016, 37-year-old Alton Sterling was shot, and the whole nation watched through cell phone footage during the aftermath of the shooting.  Unsurprisingly, the shooting was on everyone’s mind the next day on campus. Read more

Valenti Students Use PR for the Greater Good

June 20, 2016
By LaRahia Smith

What began as a standard writing assignment in Mike Emery’s PR Writing class evolved into a full-fledged public relations campaign. Read more

UH Valenti School Fundraiser Featuring Conversation with Cougar Coach Tom Herman

May 26, 2016
By Mike Emery

It was a whirlwind year for first-year Cougar football coach Tom Herman. He transformed the University of Houston football team into a nationally-ranked powerhouse and helped create the #HTownTakeOver buzz throughout the city. Read more

Careers in COMM Demonstrates the Valenti School’s Commitment to Students

February 8, 2016
by Marisa Ramos

The Jack J. Valenti School of Communication hosted its third annual career event, Ctreers in COMM, last Tuesday afternoon in hopes to prepare students for competition in the diverse field. Read more

Another Path for Preparation

Spring 2016
by LaRahia Smith

Teaching students to turn what they learn in classrooms into on-the-job skills is one way Valenti School of Communication professors test drive instruction in real-life scenarios. Read more

UH Students Come Out of Their Shells to Tell Taco Tales

April 25, 2016
by Mike Emery

People eat them for breakfast. They also devour them during lunch and dinner… and as late night snacks. Tacos have evolved from a Tex-Mex menu item into a meal to be consumed any time of the day or night. Read more

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