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Financial Aid

Instructional Assistant

Initial application by graduate students is filed with the graduate academic advisor who maintains list of eligible applicants and their resumes and can verify grades, facilitate completion of paperwork, and forward applicant information to selection committee as indicated. The DSTF Selection Committee interviews multiple candidates for DSTF positions and selects the graduate students who excel according to criteria below. Recommendations are made to Dr. Beth Olson, Director of Valenti School of Communication, for approval/hiring.

Selection Committee comprised of:

Dr. Beth Olson
Ward Booth, Media Production Manager
Professors Temple Northup, Randy Polk, Craig Crowe, Keith Houk and Paul
Schneider, Media Production faculty

Selection criteria:

1. Unconditional acceptance into the Master's program
2. Faculty recommendation
3. Interview process*
4. Performance evaluation at semester's end; reappointment based on review/continued eligibility

*Interviews attempt to assess applicant maturity and dependability for exceeding the expectations placed on students (attendance, punctuality, meeting deadlines) in addition to academic standing and professional experience. The committee provides detailed orientation about policies/procedures/ responsibilities as part of the hiring process. Equity, consistency, and propriety in dealing with students are stressed.

You may use the form below to check your eligibility for the assistantship positions.
Graduate Assistant Tuition Fellowship Form (GATF)