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Martha J. Haun

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Associate Professor

  • Office: Communications Bldg, Room #147
  • Email:
  • Phone:  713-743-2886
Dr. Haun earned her B.S. and M.A. at the University of Texas in Austin, and her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois (Champaign/Urbana). Her research and teaching areas include public address, crisis communication, meeting management/parliamentary procedure and communication theory. Dr. Haun is the Director of the Crisis Research Center and the editor of the state/annual Texas Speech Communication Journal. In 1998 she was honored with the national Distinguished Service Award from the Commission on American Parliamentary Practice and in 1999 Dr. Haun was named University Educator of the Year by the Texas Speech Communication Association. Site: Crisis Resource Center  


  • Ph.D. (Communication Theory; Rhetorical Theory) University of Illinois, Urbana
  • M.A. (Speech Communication; Educational Psychology) University of Texas at Austin
  • B.S. (Speech Communication; English: Education) University of Texas at Austin
  • Professional Registered Parliamentarian, National Assn of Parliamentarians

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  • Health, Interpersonal, Family, & Crisis Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Meeting Management
  • Public Address, Argumentation and Debate, Business
  • Professional Communication

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Selected Publications

  • Haun, Martha J. (2010) Communication: Theory and Concepts. 7th ed., McGraw-Hill.
  • Haun, Martha J. (2010) Crisis Communication: Process and Practice. 3rd. ed. McGraw-Hill.
  • Haun, Martha J. and Quintinilla, Guadalupe. Estrategias efectivas para hablar en publico. McGraw-Hill Primis, 2001. 2nd editiion (2010) 
  • Haun, Martha J. Public Speaking Workbook. 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill Primis, 2000.

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Professional Activities

  • ESTHER ANGELL (UH, MA candidate) and MARTHA J. HAUN, co-presenters at 2010 Texas Speech Communication Association convention, “Just Twitter While you Work,” an examination of the contemporary influence of social media. MARTHA J. HAUN, one of three presenters at 2010 Texas Speech Communication Association convention, “Tips for Effective Meeting Management: interpersonal Skills for Running Meetings well.”

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  • Presidential Award for Excellence in Writing on Parliamentary Law, American Institute of
  • Parliamentarians, 2006, for “Let the Minority Be Heard,” Parliamentary Journal, July 2005
  • Awarded grant for Medical certification project, Distance Learning with Jim L. Query, Jr. and Larry Kelly, co-principal investigators
  • Awarded grant for Houston Alzheirmer’s Association, Query & Haun, Center for Health and Crisis Communication, website development project.

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Affiliations and Links

  • National President, 1991-92; President-Elect, 1990-91. Professional Fraternity Association (nationally represents more than 1.5 million professionals in the arts, sciences, social sciences, medical & legal professions), Board of Directors 1987-1991.
  • Executive Director, Phi Beta National Professional Fraternity for the Creative and Performing Arts
  • National President, 1980-86; National Parliamentarian, 1977-1980. Phi Beta National Professional Fraternity for the Creative and Performing Arts.
  • National Chairperson, Commission on American Parliamentary Practice, 2007-2008; 1989-90;
  • vice-chairman & chairman, 1978-80.
  • National Editor, American Institute of Parliamentarians, 1994-1999.


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