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Deborah Bridges

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Instructional Assistant Professor

    • Office: Communications Bldg, Room #145-COM 
    • Email:
    • Phone:  713-743-2861 

    Professor Bridges is an instructional professor and the course coordinator for the public speaking courses at UH. She teaches Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication and Organizations, and Advanced Public Speaking. Additionally, she co-developed/-taught a technical presentation lab at the C.T. Bauer College of Business for senior MIS students, and most recently, Summer 2016, co-developed/-taught the Valenti School's first study abroad course, Communicating Abroad: Germany and Prague. She has five years of experience in development research for UH Advancement, and a prior business background in support of personal injury plaintiff civil law.



    • M.A. Speech Communication, University of Houston
    • B.S. Professional Writing, University of Houston-Downtown

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    Research Interests

    • Editor/Research Coordinator, Institutional Advancement, Development Research

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    • Fundamentals of Public Speaking
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Intercultural Communication and Organizations 

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    Selected Publications

    • Bridges, D. (2008). Author: “Using Digital Storytelling to Examine Culture and Intercultural Communication.” In From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks: Teaching about Culture in the Composition Classroom. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
    • Bridges, D. (2008). Created online ancillary materials for 7th edition of Larry Samovar and Richard Porter's intercultural communication text, Communication Between Cultures, Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.
    • Bridges, D. (2007). Created online ancillary materials for McDaniel, Samovar, and Porter’s Intercultural Communication: A Reader, 12th edition. 

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    Professional Activities

    • Contributed to two communication texts, publisher: Houghton-Mifflin,  Speaker, HBA CLE, 2005; and CHC 2004.
    • Presenter, MMLA, BEA, 2002
    • Co-author, customized texts (two editions) for Business & Professional Communication, print and eBook editions
    • Co-author, customized text for Fundamentals of Public Speaking, print and eBook editions
    • Contributing author: From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks: Teaching about Culture in the Composition Classroom (original text and paperback)

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