Deborah Bridges

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Instructional Assistant Professor

  • Office: Communications Bldg, Room #137 
  • Email:
  • Phone:  713-743-2861 

Professor Bridges is an instructional professor and course coordinator. She teaches Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Intercultural Communication and Organizations, plus a technical presentation lab for UH College of Business. She previously taught Business & Professional Communication.  She co-developed technical presentation lab, distance education format for business speech. She has five years of experience in development research for UH Advancement; prior business background in support of personal injury plaintiff civil law.



  • M.A. Speech Communication, University of Houston
  • B.S. Professional Writing, University of Houston-Downtown

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Research Interests

  • Editor/Research Coordinator, Institutional Advancement, Development Research

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  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Intercultural Communication and Organizations 

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Selected Publications

  • Bridges, D. (2008). Author: “Using Digital Storytelling to Examine Culture and Intercultural Communication.” In From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks: Teaching about Culture in the Composition Classroom. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Bridges, D. (2008). Created online ancillary materials for 7th edition of Larry Samovar and Richard Porter's intercultural communication text, Communication Between Cultures, Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.
  • Bridges, D. (2007). Created online ancillary materials for McDaniel, Samovar, and Porter’s Intercultural Communication: A Reader, 12th edition. 

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Professional Activities

  • Contributed to two communication texts, publisher: Houghton-Mifflin,  Speaker, HBA CLE, 2005; and CHC 2004.
  • Presenter, MMLA, BEA, 2002
  • Co-author, customized texts (two editions) for Business & Professional Communication, print and eBook editions
  • Co-author, customized text for Fundamentals of Public Speaking, print and eBook editions
  • Contributing author: From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks: Teaching about Culture in the Composition Classroom (original text and paperback)


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