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The Valenti Virtual Tour

Welcome Wilson, Sr., a close friend and former business partner to Jack Valenti, discusses why the University of Houston chose to name its school of communication after this influential man.
  • Introduction The Best Public Speaker in the World
  • Wall 1 This Time, This Place
  • Wall 2 The Talent it Takes
  • Wall 3 Valenti and Hollywood
  • Wall 4 A Decorated WWII Veteran
  • Wall 5 Access to the Oval Office
  • Wall 5 Valenti and the Presidents

About the Valenti Virtual Tour

Recently, Welcome Wilson, Sr. a close friend and former business partner to the late Jack Valenti, walked through the hallways of the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication's administrative office. Every few steps, he paused and shared the rich backstories behind the various photographs and awards that decorate the walls. This candid experience was filmed and has been transformed into a virtual tour that celebrates Jack Valenti's life while offering a deeper look at his many accomplishments - from being a decorated World War II pilot to writing for The Daily Cougar to presiding over the Motion Picture Associaton of America for 38 years.

Meet the Tour Guide

Welcome Wilson, Sr. is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Houston. His accomplishments include:

  Business Manager of the UH newspaper, The Cougar 1947 – 1949

  Business Manager of UH Frontier Fiesta – 1948

  Business Manager of the UH yearbook, The Houstonian – 1949

  One of Ten Outstanding UH People in The Houstonian Yearbook – 1949

  UH Alumni representative to UH Student Government 1949 – 1950

  Assistant Director of the School of Nursing at the University of Houston 1949 –1950

  Assistant Director of Public Relations at the University of Houston 1952 - 1953

  Vice President of the UH Alumni Association (with Jack Valenti, President) 1952 – 1953

  Board Member, UH Alumni Association 1952 – 1956

  Board Member, Friends of the MD Anderson Library at UH 1965 – 1980 

  Distinguished Alumnus, University of Houston – 1970

  Distinguished Alumnus, Bauer College of Business at UH – 1996

  Founding Chairman UH Alumni Heritage Society 1996 – 1999

  Founder, Jack E. Wilson Endowment for Books of Humor at UH Library – 2003

  Chairman of the drive that raised $11 million for the MD Anderson Library at UH. – 2005

  Appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the UH Board of Regents 2006 – 2011

  Chairman of the UH Board of Regents 2007 – 2010

  Led the drive to change the name to Jack Valenti School of Communications – 2008

  Headed up campaign to raise $3.5 million dollars for the Valenti School at UH – 2008

  Named by President Renu Khator as Chairman of the Drive to Tier One – 2011

  Conference room at UH Valenti School named in his honor – 2011

  Largest Gallery at UH Blaffer Art Museum named for his wife – 2012       

  Awarded Honorary Doctorate from University of Houston – 2013

  Welcome Wilson Houston History Collaborative at UH named in his honor – 2014