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Graduate Fellowship Program

Fellowship Recipients

Flor Avellaneda leonardo

Flor Avellaneda, M.A.
Graduate School of Social Work
Ph.D. in Social Work

Natalia Trigo, M.A. 
Department of Hispanic Studies
Ph.D. in Creative writing in Spanish 

Paige Quiñones, MFA
Department of English
Ph.D. in Poetry

Leonardo Gonzalez
Department of Hispanic Studies
Ph.D. in Creative writing in Spanish


The Graduate Fellowship Program is designed to recruit outstanding students who have demonstrated the interest in the advancement of the Mexican American or Latino community.


Preference shall be given to students who plan to conduct research in the area of Mexican American and/or Latino Studies. Students who are pursuing an M.A., M.F.A. or Ph.D. in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of the Arts, Education, and Social Work are eligible to apply. The recipients are chosen by a committee composed of faculty associated with the Center for Mexican American Studies. Priority consideration is given to students who are admitted as first-year graduate students in the M.A. or PH.D. program of their choice in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of the Arts, Education or Social Work. Fellowships of up to $16,500 per academic year, renewable for a second year, are awarded to students who meet the following criteria.

The student must agree to conduct their M.A. or M.F.A. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation in an area dealing with Mexican American or U.S. Latino Studies.

The student will not be able to work outside of the University of Houston-Center for Mexican American Studies during the two years of the fellowship award.


Nominations should include the following:

  • A letter of nomination from the chair or director of graduate studies in the UH department which has admitted the student.

  • Three letters of reference, two of which must be from faculty familiar with the nominee’s current academic record and work.

  • A statement of the candidate’s academic goals, including reference to the area of study in the M.A. or Ph.D. program.

  • Official Transcripts and GRE test scores.

  • A list of awards, publications, and/or samples of work where appropriate. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Resume


Students will be awarded fellowships of up to $16,500 per academic year in addition to any other scholarships they may receive from their departments or colleges. Recipients of the fellowships must be enrolled as full-time students and will be assigned as a research assistant to a faculty member within their respective discipline. The fellowships are renewable for a second year, provided that the recipient is in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress towards the degree.

To date, 51 students have been awarded fellowships and currently, 7 students are being supported by the program. 62% have completed their degree.


April 1st, 2019

Center for Mexican American Studies
University of Houston
3553 Cullen Boulevard Room 323
Houston, TX 77204-3001


Graduate Fellowship Program Application

Past Fellowship Recipients

1993 - 2017 Graduate Fellow Recipients
Karen Martinez 2016-2017 Art
Andrea Elizondo 2015-2016 Social Work
Jesus Gonzalez 2015-2016 Art
Alvaro Montano 2014-2015 Communications
Samantha Rodriguez 2014-2015 History
Sophie Romay 2014-2015 Psychology
Anthony Calderon   2013-2014 Communications
Nadja Diaz Rodriguez 2013-2014       Sociology
Ana Rodriguez 2012-2014    Political Science
Jacob Sustaita 2012-2014 Music
David Torres 2012-2013 Political Science
Joseph Zaragoza 2012-2014 Psychology
Angela R. Leal 2011-2013 Sociology
Eva E. Briones 2011-2013 Social Work
Sandra Enriquez 2011-2013 History
Aurora I. Nunez 2010-2012 Psychology
Carlos Cantu 2009-2011 History
Luz Macias 2010-2011 Social Work
Carlos Lazo 2008-2010 Sociology
Lucia Galvan 2008-2010 Sociology
Neftali Martinez Rodriguez 2008-2010 Social Work
Amalia Mena-Mora 2007-2009 Political Science
Lourdes Aguinaco 2007-2009 Political Science
Maria Godsey 2006-2008 Modern & Classical Languages
Jack Griffin Garcia 2006-2008 Social Work
Moises Prospero 2005-2006 Social Work
Jesus Benitez 2005-2007 Studio Art
Felipe Hinojosa 2005-2007 History
Violeta Sanchez Anderson 2005-2007 English
Michael Espinoza 2005-2007 Sociology
Omar Herrera-Arizmendi 2004-2006 Music
Lillian Chavez 2004-2006 Economics
Ana Maria Villegas 2004-2006 Agricultural
Juan Rodriguez 2004-2006 History
Wyn Tran 2003-2004 Sociology
Itzel Richarte 2003-2005 Spanish
Jimmy Pation 2002-2004 Sociology
Jessica Borboa 2002-2004 History
Sonia Hernandez 2001-2003 History
Alejandra Jaramillo 2001-2003 History
Marta Ottilie Glueck 2000-2001 Spanish
Raquel Flores 2000-2002 Sociology
Trinidad Gonzalez 2000-2002 History
Lisa Marie Miller 1999-2001 Sociology
Mario Vasquez 1999-2001 Social Work
Deborah L. Muniz 1998-2000 Sociology
Jose Angel Hernandez 1998-2000 History
Olga Marie Sheible 1997-1999 History
Russell Contreras 1997-1999 History
Ramon Colorado 1996-1998 Chemistry
Noe Perez 1996-1998 Sociology
Barbara Rodriguez 1995-1997 Anthropology
Sophia Gutierrez 1995-1997 History
Noe Ramirez 1994-1996 Social Work
Elisama Puente 1993-1995 History
Lillian Salinas 1993-1995 Social Work