Latino Faculty Council

The Latino Faculty Council consists of Latino faculty who are engaged in advocating the interests of the Latino Community on campus. It includes faculty from a variety of disciplines to include law, education, social science, literature, mathematics, science, social work and optometry. The Council meets once a month or as needed, advises the U of H administration on relevant matters and sponsors speakers from academia and the community at large.

Name, Email EXT Mail Code Department
Steven Applewhite, Ph.D. 3-8099 SW 4013 Associate Professor
Social Work
Consuelo Arbona, Ph.D. 3-9814 ESPY 5029 Professor
Educational Psychology
Lorenzo Cano, M.A. 3-3133 MAS 3001 Associate Director
Edwin Carrasquillo, Ph.D. 3-3230 CHEM 5003 Associate Professor
Jason P. Casellas, Ph.D. 3-8714   Associate Professor
Political Science
Jeronimo Cortina, Ph.D. 3-3894 POL/SCI 3011 Assistant Professor
CMAS Visiting Scholar
Edward Dean, Ph.D. 3-3474 MATH 3008 Associate Professor
Jose Guillermo De Los Reyes 3-3716 HS 3062 Assistant Professor
Hispanic Studies
Marta Fairclough, Ph.D. 3-3244 HS 3062 Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Hispanic Studies
Maria Gonzalez, Ph.D. 3-2979 ENGL 3013 Associate Professor
Paul Guajardo, Ph.D. 3-3199 ENGL 3013 Assistant Professor
Visiting Scholar 1996-97
Arturo Hernandez 3-8354 PSYC 5022 Associate Professor & Director of
Development Cognitive Neuroscience Program – Psychology
Theresa Hernandez, Ph.D. 3-3074 MCL 3006 Associate Professor,
Visiting Scholar 2000-01
Nicolas Kanellos, Ph.D. 3-3128 ARTE 2004 Professor - MCL
Arte Publico Press
Elizabeth Rodriguez Kessler, Ph.D. 3-2943 ENGL 3013 Lower Division Studies Administrator
Rafael Longoria, R.A. 3-2386 (713) 524-9775 ARCH 2000 Professor,
Noe Marmolejo, M. Music 3-3191 MUSI 4017 Associate Professor,
Tatcho Mindiola, Ph.D. 3-3134 MAS 3001 SOC 3012 Director, CMAS
Associate Professor,
Delilah Montoya, M.F.A. 3-2855 ART 4019 Associate Professor,
Susan E. Moreno, Ph.D. 3-0640 IR 0903 Assistant Director,
Office of Institutional Research
Visiting Scholar 2001-02
Julian Olivares, Ph.D. 3-3065 HS 3062 Professor,
Hispanic Studies
Norma Olvera, Ph.D. 3-9848 HHP 6015 Associate Professor
Visiting Scholar 1997-98
Michael A. Olivas 3-2078 LAW 6060 Professor,
Law Center
Carlos Ordóñez, Ph.D. 3-3586 PHY 5005 PHYSICS/
Associate Professor
Center for the Americas
Guadalupe Quintanilla, Ed.D. 3-0928 HS 3062 Associate Professor,
Hispanic Studies
Sam Quintero, O.D. 3-1932 OPT 2020 Associate Professor & Chair of Clinical Sciences in Optometry
Monica Perales, Ph.D. 3-3103 HIST 3003 Assistant Professor,
Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Ph.D 3-0935 HS 3062 Assistant Professor
Hispanic Studies
Raul A. Ramos, Ph.D. 3-3116 HIST 3003 Assistant Professor,
Visiting Scholar 2002-03
Tina Reyes, Ph.D. 3-5026 ELCS 5028 Professor,
Educational Leadership
Todd Romero 3-3112 HIST 3003 Assistant Professor
Luis Salinas, Ph.D. 3-3957 SOC 3012 Associate Professor,
Visiting Scholar 2001-02
Guadalupe San Miguel, Ph.D. 3-3111 HIST 3003 Professor,
Arthur D. Santana, Ph.D. 3-2867   Assistant Professor
Christina Sisk (alternate email) 3-3301 HS 3062 Assistant Professor,
Hispanic Studies
Maria E. Soliño, Ph.D. 3-3052 MCL 3006 Assistant Professor,
Hispanic Studies
Sandra Guerra Thompson, J.D. 3-2134 LAW 6060 Professor
Law Center
Isabel Torres, Ph.D 3-1751   Associate Professor
Social Work
Luis R. Torres, Ph.D. 3-8512 SW 4013 Assistant Professor
Social Work
Gabriela Baeza-Ventura 3-2609 HS 3062 Associate Professor
Hispanic Studies
Stephen Zamora, J.D. 3-2137 LAW 6060 Professor, Law Center