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The Department of Comparative Cultural Studies welcomes Nicholas De Genova , who joins the University of Houston as Professor and new Chair of CCS. Professor De Genova previously held teaching appointments in urban and political geography at King’s College London, and in sociocultural anthropology at Stanford, Columbia, and Goldsmiths -University of London, as well as visiting professorships or research positions at the Universities of Warwick, Bern, Amsterdam, and Chicago. Professor De Genova received his BA, MA, and PhD in sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Chicago. He is the author of Working the Boundaries: Race, Space, and "Illegality" in Mexican Chicago (2005), co-author of Latino Crossings: Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and the Politics of Race and Citizenship (2003), editor of Racial Transformations: Latinos and Asians Remaking the United States (2006), co-editor of The Deportation Regime: Sovereignty, Space, and the Freedom of Movement (2010), and most recently, editor of The Borders of “Europe”: Autonomy of Migration, Tactics of Bordering (2017).

Elizabeth Farfán-Santos was selected by the Faculty Senate Community & Government Relations Committee (CGRC) as one of four Assistant Professors across the university to have her current research showcased in the Assistant Professor Excellence Lecture Series (APeX).

Lecture Title: ”Mothering as Health Security: Undocumented Mothers, Children, and Medical Alienation in the United States”

Wednesday, January 30, 2019; 12;15-1;15, MD Anderson Library, Rm. 306


Caryn Tamber-Rosenau ’s new book, Women in Drag: Gender and Performance in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature, has been published by Gorgias Press. From Jael’s tent peg to Judith’s sword, biblical interpreters have long recognized the power of the "lethal women" stories of the Hebrew Bible and related literature. The tales of Jael and Judith, female characters who assassinate enemy commanders, have fascinated artists, writers, and scholars for centuries, no doubt partly because of the gender of the characters doing the killing. Tamber-Rosenau presents the first systematic study, both text-centered and deeply engaged with a variety of queer-theoretical frameworks, of the motif of the woman-turned-warrior in ancient Jewish literature. Through analysis from queer-theoretical perspectives and comparison with Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman literature, Women in Drag shines new light on three strong female characters from the Hebrew Bible and the early days of Jewish literature.

Photo credit: Michael Brims.

Rachel Quinn was selected as the 2019 Winner of the Travel Grant of the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program for a return trip to the Dominican Republic where she will host a screening of her award-winning documentary film “Cimarron Spirit” (2015) and to conduct new research on Dominican cultural production and the art schools in Santo Domingo.


Luca Oliva ’s new book, L'ontologia della materia: Giordano Bruno tra Otto e Novecento (2018), was published by Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura (Italy).

This book presents the "first philosopher of science," as Giordano Bruno has been depicted, and focuses on the reception of his natural philosophy in the modern and contemporary periods. Before anyone else, Bruno re-examined the principles of Aristotle's physics and metaphysics in relation to Copernicus and the emergence of the scientific revolution. His ideas have been the subject of several studies, including those of Galilei, Jacobi, Shelling, Hegel, Riehl, Schlick, Koyré, Cassirer, Fink, Yates, Kuhn, Eco, Sini, Giorello, and Gatti. This book examines each one of these studies and thus aims to show the immense relevance of Bruno in the history and philosophy of science.

Ken Brown was featured as an expert guest on a segment of the Houston Public Media program “Houston Matters,” concerning the ongoing dispute over the bodily remains of persons believed to have been African American prison inmates forced to work on chain gangs in the sugar cane fields while they were incarcerated in the Sugar Land area.

Rebecca Storey was promoted to Full Professor Spring 2018.

Dr. Eberhart book cover Invites au banquet du Seigneur

Christian Eberhart ’s book What a Difference a Meal Makes: The Last Supper in the Bible and in the Christian Church (2016) was published in French translation as Invités au banquet du Seigneur: La communion dans la Bible et dans l’Église chrétienne (Lucid Books, 2018)

Rachel Afi Quinn was awarded the 2018 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Junior Faculty Career Enhancement National Fellowship Award.

Elizabeth Farfán-Santos was awarded a 2018 Provost Teaching Excellence Award.

Rachel Afi Quinn was awarded the 2018 Ross M. Lence Award for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities.


Christian Eberhart ’s book, The Sacrifice of Jesus: Understanding Atonement Biblically (Wipf & Stock,2011) was published in its Second Edition (2018)