ILAS 2350 Introduction to Liberal Studies

Required introductory course for the B.A. in Liberal Studies. The class is a HYBRID course, that is part of the class is completed with readings and taking notes on video lectures. The other part involves weekly meetings for one and one-half hours in seminar discussion groups with readings and short writing assignments. Readings cover fundamentals of higher learning and aspects of the various disciplines in a liberal arts education, from the sciences to the humanities.

This class is a HUMANITIES CORE course and open to all students. It is a great course in preparation for upper level study in any field.

ILAS 4350 * Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies

Classic works from across disciplines in world literature. Students will integrate content and methodology from their various minors constituting the Liberal Studies major, aimed at a broad Liberal Studies perspective. 

This is the required ´capstone´ course for the B.A. in Liberal Studies. There is a double objective to the course, to give students a chance to become acquainted for the first time, or to read again, a handful of seminal works in world literature, and also to hone skills in reading and communication for life-long learning.

* permission of the instructor is required