Jon Keune

Jon Keune

Email: jmkeune@uh.edu
Phone:(713) 743-3987
Office: 233 McElhinney Hall
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Jon Keune is the Sushila and Durga Agrawal Postdoctoral Fellow in India Studies. He previously worked at the Centre for Modern India Studies at the University of Goettingen (Germany), having received a PhD in Religion from Columbia University. His research focuses on religion, historiography, and social history, mainly in the western area of India where Marathi is spoken but also with a comparative glance to early modern Europe. Jon is currently working on a book manuscript, The Brahman Who Ate with Untouchables: Historicizing Religion and Caste in Western India, about the complex relationship between caste hierarchy and spiritual equality in a Hindu devotional tradition. Jon is on the steering committee of the Religions in South Asia (RISA) section of the American Academy of Religion.  He also co-founded the Regional Bhakti Scholars Network, which brings together specialists of various regions and languages to explore literary and historical patterns across India that conventionally are grouped under the umbrella of “bhakti.”


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