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Academic Advisor
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The India Studies Minor


The India Studies Minor

The minor in India Studies requires 15 semester hours (at least 9 advanced hours) taken from the courses listed below or upon approval from the Chair of Comparative Cultural Studies. A minimum of 9 hours must be taken in residence. A student must earn a 2.00 cumulative grade point average in courses attempted in the minor field at the University of Houston.

HINDI 2301: Intermediate Hindi I
HINDI 2302: Intermediate Hindi II

ANTH 3316:  Society and Culture of India 
ANTH 3381:  Global Hinduism (WID)
or RELS 3381: Global Hinduism (WID) 
(Either ANTH 3381 or RELS 3381; only one will count toward the minor)
ANTH 3347: Anthropology of Women

CCS 2350: Perspectives on Cultural Studies
CCS 2394: Selected Topics
CCS 2398: Independent Study
CCS 3394: Selected Topics
CCS 3398: Independent Study
CCS 4394: Selected Topics
CCS 4398: Independent Study 

CUST 2300: Introduction to Asian American Studies
CUST 3310: Asian American Communities in Popular Culture
CUST 4300: Asian American Cultures and Communities
CUST 4397: Emergent Asian Economies and Global Assemblages

ENGL 2323: Literature and Identity
ENGL 2325: Literatures of the Non-Western World
ENGL 3365: Postcolonial Literature and Theory

ECON 3355: Economic Development of Asia
ECON 4389: Food, Population and Health

GIS 2350: Introduction to Global and International Studies

HIST 2363: Moderns Civilizations:  South Asia Since 1600
HIST 3391: Africa and the Indian Ocean World
HIST 3395: Modern 20th Century India

POLS 3323: Introduction to the Government and Politics of India
POLS 4308: Social Analysis: The Individual in Society Or PSYC 4308: Social Analysis:
The Individual in Society (Either POLS 4308 or PSYC 4308; only one will count toward the minor)
POLS 4321: Democracy in Asia
POLS 4322: Political Economy of Asia

RELS 2340: Introduction to Hinduism (WID)
RELS 2350: Introduction to Islam (WID)
RELS 2360: Introduction to Buddhism (WID)
RELS 3380: Introduction to Asian Religions
RELS 3396: Selected Topics

SOC 3397: Selected Topics: Sociology of India
SOC 3397: Selected Topics: Sociology of Religion in India
SOC 3385: Sociology of World Religions

WCL 2351: World Cultures through Literature and the Arts
WCL 2370: Cultures of India
WCL 3372: Indian Film: Bollywood and Beyond
WCL 3355: Women East and West: Global Representations of Female Divinities 

When the Selected Topics courses address India (as do the following):

ARTH 2394: Selected Topics in Art History: Art and Architecture of India
ARTH 3394: Selected Topics in Art History: Art and Architecture of India
ENGL 3396: Selected Topics: South Asian Literature and Film
INTB 4397: Selected Topics in International Business
RELS 3396: Selected Topics: Gods and Goddesses of India
WCL 4396: Selected Topics (when course deals with South Asia)