Global and International Studies Minor


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The Global and International Studies minor: is an interdisciplinary minor that offers students the opportunity to address trans-cultural and trans-historical topics in global contexts. This minor provides broad curricular options so that students may move among disciplines to focus their minor in ways that will prepare them for their future graduate studies, or for jobs in our increasingly globalized marketplace.

The Gateway Course: Complete at least 15 semester credit hours of approved course work, including one of the courses below. Two may be taken for credit toward the minor:

  1. GIS 2350:  Introduction to Global and International Studies. This gateway option is for those students particularly interested in topics, regions, and periods related to modernization and globalization;
  2. CCS 2350: Perspectives on Cultural Studies. This gateway option is for those students whose interests lean more toward comparative cultural topics and historical topics.
  3. WCL 2351: World Cultures through Literature and the Arts.  This gateway option also focuses on the relations of world cultures as seen in their literature and their art forms.

Concentrations: Students select a concentration that focuses on a topic, region, or period. The courses listed in each concentration are not exclusive to that concentration; students may complete their chosen concentration with relevant courses from the list as a whole, but only two courses may be taken in the same department. In all cases, students must select courses coherent with, and complementary to their area of concentration.

Affiliate Faculty: Students may be guided by Comparative Cultural Studies Faculty and Affiliate Faculty, who will assist them in focusing their GIS minor within their selected area of concentration. Students are encouraged to contact the CCS and Affiliate Faculty members listed in their concentration to discuss their course plan for the GIS minor.

No Double Counting: Note that no course taken to fulfill the GIS minor may be applied towards a student’s major or any other minor. (NB: Liberal Studies also prohibits any and all “double dipping” among the three minors required for the BA in Liberal Studies.) Students choose their concentration in consultation with relevant CCS and Affiliate Faculty members and with the minor’s Academic Advisor (Tamara Cobb), always with a view towards intellectual depth, focus, and coherence within a particular concentration. In exceptional cases, a student may design his/her concentration from the approved courses in consultation with a CCS or Affiliate Faculty member and the Departmental Advisor.

Prerequisites: If there are pre-requisites for a particular course that a student has not completed, he/she may request permission of the instructor to take the course, or select another course from those approved for the minor.

The Goal: The GIS minor offers the flexibility necessary to serve our students’ intellectual, professional, and personal goals as they enter our global village.