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Degree Plan

Students are responsible for all requirements of the catalog under which they are graduating. Application for a degree plan should be made to the dean of the college or departmental advisor as soon as the student has completed 60 credit hours. Before applying to graduate, students must meet with their academic advisor. Before certification for graduation can be made, copies of the degree plan must be on file in the college dean's office and in the Registrar's Office, 128 Welcome Center.

Fulfillment of Grade Requirements for a Degree

The cumulative grade point average shall be used to determine the fulfillment of grade requirements with the following differences:

  • The grade of I shall be computed as F.
  • Upon approval by the dean of the college of the student's major, a maximum of six semester hours, eight in the case of laboratory courses, taken during the first 30 semester hours of undergraduate course work at the university may be eliminated from the computation. The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will not eliminate any semester hours of undergraduate course work from the computation of the graduation grade point average for a bachelor's degree.
    • Neither these grades nor the courses for which they were awarded are removed from the student's official academic record.
    • These eliminated courses shall not be used to fulfill any degree requirement.
    • Grades may not be eliminated for courses subsequently repeated.
    • These exceptions shall be used only to allow a student to achieve the minimum grade point average for graduation.