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Course Requirements

Acceptance into the Major Concentration is by competitive portfolio review. Students must meet TSI (Texas Success Initiative) requirement in addition to other academic requirements.


UH - Core Requirements

42 Hours

PDM Major Requirements
For students under the 2012-13 catalog

81 Hours

Art History

12 Hours

ARTH 1380 Art and Society: Prehistoric to Gothic


ARTH 1380 fulfills a UH core requirement
as well as a major requirement.


ARTH 1381 Art and Society: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH 3379 History of 20th and 21st Century Photography 
or 4320 Readings in 20th and 21st Century Photography

ARTH 2000-level or above


Recommended: ARTH 3378 History of 19th Century Photography
or ARTH 4319 Readings in 19th Century Photography


Fundamentals: Four 1000-level studio courses selected from:

12 Hours

ART 1371 Photography/Digital Media (Mandated Course)


ART 1372 Fundamentals of Video Art (Mandated Course)


ART 1301 Drawing (Recommended Course)


ART 1310 Printmaking (Recommended Course)


ART 1360 Sculpture (Recommended Course)


ART 1330 Graphic Communication (Recommended Course)


ART 1383 New Media (Recommended Course)


Related Arts: Ten Studio Courses

30 Hours

ART 3371 Photo/ Digital Media Portfolio Dev (Mandated Course)


ART 3372 Intermediate Video Art (Mandated Course) 


ART 3374 Computer Imaging I (Mandated Course)


ART 3370 Traditional Photography (Recommended Course) 


ART 3000 level Printmaking (Recommended Course)


ART 3301 Life Drawing (Recommended Course)


ART 3303 Color (Recommended Course)


ART 3330 Intermediate Graphic Communications (Recommended Course)


ART 3397 Selected Topics course with Photo/DM Topic (Recommended Course)


ART 3360 Intermediate Sculpture (Recommended Course)


IART 3300 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts (Recommended Course)


IART 3395 Selected Topics in Interdisciplinary Arts (Recommended Course)


Major Concentration: 3 concurrent 3-hour courses per term 

27 Hours

ART 3375 Junior Photo/Digital Media Major (Spring)


ART 3376 Junior Photo/Digital Media Major (Spring)


ART 3377 Junior Photo/Digital Media Major (Spring)


ART 4370 Senior Photo/Digital Media Major I (Fall)


ART 4371 Senior Photo/Digital Media Major I (Fall)


ART 4372 Senior Photo/Digital Media Major I (Fall)


ART 4373 Senior Photo/Digital Media Major II (Spring)


ART 4374 Senior Photo/Digital Media Major II (Spring)


ART 4375 Senior Photo/Digital Media Major II (Spring)


Total Hours for Program Completion

120 Hours