John Shiflet
Program Director

Leah Singer
Program Coordinator

Barbara Dwyer
Program Coordinator
Read Barbara's story on why this program was so important to her.

Floyd Robinson
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs - Health and Wellness

Advisory committee

  • Alex Bonetti – Alumnus of The Center for Students in Recovery, University of Texas at Austin
  • John Cates – Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Service Organization Benefiting Recovery d.b.a Lifeway International & d.b.a Three Oaks Academy
  • Parker Cragg, Director, Three Oaks Academy
  • Lily Kugler – LCDC-I Cornerstone Recovery, alumna of the University of Houston
  • Danielle Lutz, Ed.D – Executive Director, the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP)
  • Sasha McLean – Executive Director, Archway Academy, alumna of the University of Houston
  • Karl Webster, Ed.S – Administrative Director, The Center for Success and Independence
  • George Youngblood, Chief Executive Officer, Teen and Family Services

Donor Recognition

  • Trull Foundation
  • Hildebrand Foundation
  • Stacie Mathewson Foundation
  • John P. McGovern Foundation
  • John M. O’Quinn Foundation
  • Roadster Grill