Cougars in Recovery provides students in recovery from addiction a safe, sober environment that assists and supports them as they pursue their academic and professional goals, walk the path of recovery and participate in the diverse social opportunities available on campus. Students who are accepted to the program have the option of living in the Cougars in Recovery theme community in Law Hall.

Program Expectations

What you can expect as a member of the Cougars in Recovery Theme Community:

  • A Resident Assistant to assist you in the Theme Community and serve as a resource. The RA will work with the community in planning programs. Each Theme Community is provided a budget that the TC facilitators and the residents determine how to use each semester.
  • Opportunities to meet faculty and staff that support the theme of the community.
  • Programs to assist you in becoming more academically and professionally successful.
  • Social activities to assist you in getting to know the other community members.
  • Opportunities to engage you with other campus events or other communities to help expand your campus connections.

Expectations of students in the Cougars in Recovery Community:

  • Students must be accepted into the Cougars in Recovery program.
  • Students will remain abstinent from mood-altering substances not directly prescribed for them by a physician including alcohol, marijuana, narcotic drugs, controlled stimulants, controlled depressants, over the counter diet pills, anabolic steroids and any hallucinogenic substances.
  • Students will attend twelve step meetings on a regular basis. The recommendation is two meetings per week.
  • Students will develop and maintain an honest working relationship with a sponsor.
  • Students will hold other members of the community accountable to the standards established for the community.
  • Students will develop community goals and individual goals for the year. All residents must meet with the Resident Assistant at least once individually.
  • Students will contribute to a cooperative atmosphere on the floor by maintaining a positive attitude toward other residents and participating in all activities coordinated for the TC.
  • Students will abide by Student Housing and Residential Life policies, code of conduct, university mission and policies, and local, state, and federal laws.
  • The dismissal of a student for academic reasons is the responsibility of the college to which the student belongs. However, SHRL maintains the right to remove students from a TC if a student's behavior should be in violation of existing rules, policies, and laws.

Cougars in Recovery aspires to be the premier collegiate recovery community in the nation, establishing the University of Houston as the institution of choice for students seeking collegiate recovery support. Cougars in Recovery will gain national recognition as a program that draws students to the University of Houston to bridge the gap between their recovery and higher education.

This collegiate recovery Community provides students with a variety of resources to support them while on campus:

  • Sober Housing 
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Location to socialize
  • Healthy Social Interactions
  • Liaison to Resources
  • Fun Sober Activities
  • Safe Environment
  • Accountability
  • Service Work Opportunities
  • Guidance
  • Outdoor Adventure Learning Experience
  • Priority Registration  
  • Recovery Scholarships