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Crisis Research

The following are links to articles and other documents focused on families that include members with disabilities.

Columibia Law Review:

"Determined parents won the right to educate their children at home in the face of opposition from those who wanted to make public education not a right, but a duty. However, the recent 9th Circuit decision in Hooks vs. Clark County School District denies disabled children who are educated at home the right to benefit from IDEA(Individuals with Disabilities Education Art)."

Differences in Services Needs, Time Demands and Care giving Burden among Parents of Persons with Mental Retardation across the Life Cycle:

"This study compared the service needs, time demands and subjective burden of parent caregivers of children and adults with mental retardation across the life cycle."

Guide to Disability Rights Laws:

Examples include:
Americans with Disabilities Act
Telecommunications Act
Fair Housing Act
Air Carrier Access Act
Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act

Siblings of Children with Disabilites

How are children affected by having a brother or sister with a disability? What support can be provided to siblings of students with disabilities?

Families and Care giving Across the Life Course: Research Advances on the Influence of Context:

"This speacial issue of Family Relations is devoted entirely to papers on families and care giving across the life course... The focus is on family members who provide care to a son or daughter with a disability."

Family Crisis following the Diagnosis of a Handicapped Child:

"The literature on family reaction to the diagnosis of a handicapped child is reviewed. Based upon this literature, a 5-stage model of a family crisis is proposed. Each of these stages is then described in terms of its effects upon the modalities of behavior, affect, sensation, interpersonal relations and cognitions."

Family Psycho education: Giving Caregivers what they want and need:

"Childhood onset mood disorders can lead to stress and parenting burden as well as problems within family, peer and school settings. We highlight the research related to caretaker burden among parents of children with mood disorders, then describe a multifamily psycho education group (MFPG) intervention designed to alleviate some of the problems that contribute to caretaker burden.

Siblings of Adult with Mental Retardation/ Mental Illness:

Effects on Lifestyle and Psychological Well-Being

Parental Stress, Care Demands and Use of Support Services for School-Age Children with Disabilities and Behavior Problems

"It was the hardest and most painful decision of my life!":

Seeking permanent out-of-home placement for sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities

Website Lists of Disabilities