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Health Communication Research and Studies

Proposed Book Title:

Query, J. L. & Wright, K. B. (Under contract). Health communication inquiry in the 21st century: Negotiating
       conceptual, research, and professional domains.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Overview of the Field and How it Shapes the Project:

As Kreps, Query, and Bonaguro (in press) note, since the early seventies, health communication inquiry---research, education, and outreach---has developed as a vibrant and important interdisciplinary area of study concerned with the powerful roles performed by human and mediated communication in health care delivery and health promotion (see also Kreps, Bonaguro, & Query, 1998; Rogers, 1994; Thompson, 1994). Health communication research is interdisciplinary as it combines and applies important theories, concepts, and methods from diverse areas of communication science (such as the study of language and behavior, interpersonal communication, group/organizational communication, persuasion, media studies, intercultural communication, and new communication technologies), as well as from the diverse academic fields of public health, health education, health psychology, medical sociology, medical anthropology, health economics, epidemiology, and medical informatics (Kreps et al., in press). Health communication also frequently integrates the literature and theories of the health professional fields, including medicine, nursing, social work, and clinical psychology. Health communication research thus focuses both on health care delivery (HCD) and the promotion of public health (PHP). These areas of health communication inquiry are distinct in many ways, yet are also increasingly interrelated within the modern health care system.

Alzheimer Caregiver Study:

The following is a site dedicated to a study pertaining to Alzheimer Caregivers. Included are results from recent surveys of Alzheimer caregivers and articles from the Alzheimer Association. The site also includes a demographic study of respondants of the alzheimer caregivers' study.

"Caregivers Coordinate Cultures: Communication with Alzheimer’s Patients in Bi-Ethnic Families", is a chapter created by Jim L. Query, Jr., Ph.D. (corresponding author), Jane A. Stuart, M.A., a member of the Department of Communication at Texas A&M University and Mindi Ann Golden, Ph.D., a lecturer at the University of San Francisco Department of Communication Studies.

Informational links:

Communication Studies Communication Studies is an academic journal published quarterly by the Central States Communication Association. The journal is edited by Jim L. Query, Jr., Ph.D.

Jim's Communication Directory includes information on Summary Data for UH Alzheimer's Caregiver Study and details on the classes of Jim L. Query, Jr., Ph.D.