Bayou Oaks Action Plan – The Road to Increased Occupancy

Pease complete this Action Plan no later than 12:00p.m. on Friday, September 30th. Please respond to the following questions with as much specificity as possible.


Chapter Leader completing this Action Plan

Your Position Within the Chapter

What are the chapter policies related to getting/recruiting brothers/sisters living in the house? Please provide excerpts from your chapter's constitution and/or bylaws on this matter as appropriate.

If your chapter is not currently at 100% occupancy, what plans do you have to ensure you increase occupancy rates by January 2011 (recruitment, policies, etc.)? Please be as specific as possible.

How does your entire chapter membership currently support the townhouse financially? Does the chapter fund a part of rent? Does the chapter fund the common area fee? Do brothers/sisters not living in the house pay a parlor fee for the use of the house?

What specific barriers do you see in your chapter bring at 100% occupancy by January 2012?

Do you have ideas as to how the University can support your chapter in ensuring 100% occupancy?

Are you familiar with a Housing Corporation Model? If the chapters in Bayou Oaks are moved to a House Corporation model, do you think you would have the local alumni and national organization support to move in this direction?